iPhone Hacking: FBI Allowed To Keep Secret Details Of iPhone Hacking Tool
iPhone Hacking: FBI Allowed To Keep Secret Details Of iPhone Hacking Tool

We all know very well that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) maintains the relationship with the technological world is quite tricky and odd. However, now the US court ordered and allowed FBI to keep secret all the details of iPhone hacking tool.

iPhone Hacking: FBI Allowed To Keep Secret Details Of iPhone Hacking Tool

It could be said without problems that the relationship that the FBI maintains with the technological world is quite tricky. Actions like the arrest of the hero of WannaCry do not help to improve that image, nor does the last situation that we have known about the case of the iPhone of San Bernardino.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has once again get rid of having to explain about the actions taken by them against the famous Apple’s iPhone device. It has been a judge who has decided to give way to the FBI, but in turn, has provoked the discontent of the country’s media.

The FBI and the San Bernardino iPhone

The Associated Press, USA Today and Vice News media wanted a court to comply with their request and forced FBI officials to disclose the tools used to unlock the terminal. A claim based on knowing the actions carried out and the scope of the tools and procedures used.

However, according to Engadget, Judge Tanya Chutkan has denied the petition and has based her decision on the risk to be borne by the identity of the seller and the price paid of being publicly disclosed. Pointing out textual words, Chutkan said that complying with the request “could disrupt future efforts by the FBI to protect national security.”

Beyond this dialectical war and the legal battle hides an issue that is beginning to worry more and more users of mobile devices. We are referring to the privacy of user data, a subject that was in the spotlight with the arrest of the San Bernardino terrorist and obtaining the data of his iPhone, but that perhaps has now passed into the background.

The right to privacy

At the moment it seems that the FBI will continue to get their way on this issue, an idea that lovers of freedom do not like too much and who think we all have the right to safeguard our privacy. Entrusting privacy to a device whose vulnerabilities we do not know fully, is not the most desirable. In any case, something tells us that it will not be the last time we hear about the San Bernardino iPhone.

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