What if I ask you that what will happen to your phone when you die? Yes, this question may sound odd, but, today I will tell you about an unexpected incident that will simply blow your mind, according to the latest reports, recently, police are using dead people’s fingerprints to unlock their phones.

FBI Using Dead People’s Fingerprints To Unlock Their Phones

What will happen to your phone when you die? There is a strange barrier between the legal and non-legal action, which remains unclear to many. Today, we have had more than curious news related to this horrible issue, and Forbes magazine has given birth to certain actions of the FBI.

Come on, now let me tell you what you’ve already read in the title, according to the latest reports, the FBI is unlocking phones whose users have already died. A theme, which is quite odd and very few people would like to debate on it. Would you be willing for the authorities to unlock your phone with a good purpose?

The FBI is using fingerprints of the dead peoples

As we have read in Forbes magazine, the FBI admits using the fingerprints of deceased people, but for a good cause. In cases of murder, for example, authorities always have access to the information of the deceased, to check certain conversations or information that may help locate the culprit.

In the case of a crime, the police are authorized to search for relevant information on the victim’s cell phone. This can help locate the culprit, or useful clues to solve the case.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation says that they use the Touch ID of the iPhone to access information on the phones of the deceased, and that, for now, this is something they can not do with the Face ID. The news is curious, and even if it is to identify the cause of a murder, it is questionable to use our fingerprint to unlock the smartphone once dead.

As always, the debate between what is moral or not is something that we should not touch, so we leave it to you. We want you to tell us what you think about this matter, about whether you would agree that police could access the information on their phone once they were dead, using the fingerprint.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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