As we know Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is permanently abandoned. So, here are the 6 features that are pretty much guaranteed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

6 Features Guaranteed For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

We all know that the upcoming device from Samsung will be Galaxy S8 and it is about to bring some new and extraordinary features. However, there were few rumors surrounding on the internet regarding Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which was the hottest Android smartphone that the world had seen until it went up in flames. So, there are few rumors which suggest that Samsung is going to introduce some major changes in their upcoming Note lineup.

Here are the 6 features that are pretty much guaranteed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Dual Edge Display

Well, Note 7 was the first Galaxy Note device to feature a dual-edge curved display. However, Samsung had also introduced dual edge screen in Galaxy S6 Edge, S6 Edge + and Galaxy S7 Edge. Galaxy Note Edge was the first one from Samsung to feature single curve on its right side later it was seen on Galaxy Note 7. So it’s likely that Galaxy Note 8 will have Dual Edge Display.

IRIS Scanner

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was also first Samsung’s device to feature IRIS scanner technology. However, Note 7 was no more. So, there are high chances that the feature will be included in both Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.

Water Resistance, S-PEN

Previous Samsung’s Note lineup was not water resisted due to its S-Pen stylus which is made to fit inside its chassis and leaves a gap which can be affected by water. However, Samsung finds a way to seal not only the handset but also the Galaxy Note 7 S-pen was rated at IP68 water resistance. So, Samsung is likely to make an upgrade and will continue to do so on other devices that feature an onboard stylus.

Color Option

Galaxy Note 7 was also introduced to the marked in a light blue color which the company says Blue coral. The color was attractive and sold out very quickly in the early days of availability. So, looking at the success rates Samsung will likely to make Galaxy Note 8 in Blue Coral color to attract customers.

Expandable Storage

Well, Samsung had not introduced any card slot in Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge. However, the company bought back the card slot in Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge after consumer protest. Galaxy Note 7 also featured expandable storage up to 256GB. So, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is likely to support expandable storage and will feature card slot.

USB Type-C

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the first device from Samsung to feature USB Type-C port. However, Galaxy Note 7 was dead. So, there are high chances that Samsung will continue to transition its smartphones to USB Type-c and will launch Galaxy Note 8 with USB Type-C port instead of a Micro-USB Port.

So, these are the 6 that are pretty much guaranteed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. We have to wait for some more time until Samsung makes some official statement regarding Galaxy Note 8. So, what do you think about these features? Share your opinion in the comment box below!


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