While it’s easy to capture incredible & eye-catchy shots with our phone’s camera, sometimes we have trouble recalling where we have taken those shots. If the location is very dear to you, you can easily recall it, but what if someone asked you for the location and has no clue what to answer?

Now you might wonder how it is possible to fetch the location from an image? Well, it’s done by reading the EXIF data stored on the pictures you have captured. You can fetch out the location from a Photo in easy steps, but you need to have the right tool.

What exactly is EXIF data?

When you capture a photo from your smartphone or DSLR, the image is not the only thing captured; other information such as date & time, location, camera model, shutter speed, white balance, and a few other things are also stored within the image file.

This data is stored within the image in EXIF format, and it’s kept hidden from the users. However, you can utilize several third-party apps or web tools to extract and view the EXIF data of an image.

The EXIF data will show you all information related to the image you are looking for. The best way to read EXIF data or find a location from a photo is by using online websites.

List of Best Sites to Find Location from a Photo

Several sites are available on the web that let you find a location from a photo in easy steps. You need to open these websites, upload your picture, and read the EXIF data. Here are the best sites you can use.

1) Photo Location

Photo Location

Photo Location is a simple site on the list where you need to upload a photo to know about the location it was taken. The most exciting thing about the site is that it plots where you took the image directly on the Google Map.

However, the only catch is that Photo Location will show you only when the image’s EXIF data has the location. Nevertheless, if there’s no location on the EXIF data, you can add location details to your photo via the same website.

Photo Location clearly says that it deletes all photos at regular intervals when it comes to privacy. So, privacy won’t be a reason to worry here.

2) Pic2Map


Pic2Map is another best website on the list, which shows the photo’s location where you captured it. The site will show you the location information if you have captured the picture from a phone with GPS functionality.

Like every other Photo Location Viewer, Pic2Map also analyzes the EXIF data embedded in the image to show you the GPS coordinates and location.

Aside from the GPS coordinates and the location, Pic2Map also shows other information on the EXIF file, such as the brand, lens type, shutter speed, ISO speed, flash, etc.

3) Where is the Picture

Where is the Picture

Where is the Picture is a pretty simple website on the list with an attractive UI. This one offers you a photo location and geotagging service, which can help you find the precise location of your photo.

You need to click on the Upload & Locate your picture button on the top and select the photo on this website. Once selected, the site will show you the photo’s location and address on an interactive map.

The site’s only drawback is that it doesn’t offer any drag and drop functionality, and the About us page tells nothing about what it does with the images that users uploads.

4) Exifdata


If you are searching for a hassle-free way to take a deeper look at your favorite images, then look no other than Exifdata. Exifdata is a website with a clean user interface that shows you much information about your pictures.

With Exifdata, you can quickly determine the shutter speed, exposure compensation, ISO number, date & time, and other information about the pictures.

Exifdata will only show you the location details if the image stores the GPS information. Overall, Exifdata is a great website to take a deeper look at your favorite photos.

5) Jimpl


Like every other website on the list, Jimpl also allows you to uncover the hidden metadata from your photos. With Jimpl, you can quickly determine when and where you took the picture.

Apart from finding where you took the picture, Jimpl can even help you remove the EXIF data to protect your personal information.

Another plus point of Jimpl is that it clearly states that uploaded photos were deleted within 24 hours of upload. So, it’s completely safe to upload images to Jimpl.

So, these are the few best websites that would help you find a location from a Photo easily. You need to upload your photos, and the sites will automatically fetch and show you the EXIF data. If you know of any other Photo finder websites, let us know in the comments.


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