Is your iPhone missing? Misplacing your phone can be a painful experience, particularly if it’s costly, like an iPhone. Misplacing devices is a common problem nowadays. Very often, we lose our phone, and on Android, there are many ways to track your lost phone.

But, on iPhone, there are fewer options available to track your lost device, and we will share one today. So in this article, you will have to use the Find My iPhone app, which lets you track your lost, stolen apple device.

Steps to Quickly Track And Find Your Lost iPhone or iPad

First, when you purchase an iOS device, you must enable the Find my iPhone app. As this feature will help you in many ways.

1. Now, if your device is lost or stolen, you can trace it just by going to, or you can simply download the free Find My iPhone app.

How To Find Lost iPhone

2. Now, you should see the map of all your iOS devices. Here you have to select your lost/stolen iPhone device.

How To Find Lost iPhone

3. Now on the next step, you must put your device on Lost mode. For this, click on Lost mode. Now by activating Lost mode, you can do the following things.

How To Find Lost iPhone

  • Lost Mode will automatically turn on the location services even if the location service is disabled on your device.
  • You can set up the passcode.
  • You can also display a message on the lock screen.
  • You can also erase all data remotely by clicking on Erase iPad, iPhone, etc. Just by doing so, you will not be able to trace it further.

4. If you did not enable Find My iPhone on your missing device. In that case, change your iCloud password so no one can delete or change your iCloud data.

How To Find Lost iPhone

If you cannot find your device by tracking, report your lost or stolen device to local law enforcement and your wireless carrier.

The method discussed above will not only help you to track your lost iPhone but will also help you to erase and set up a security procedure for your iPhone too. If you are facing any problems, then leave a comment below. Thanks! Don’t forget to share with your friends.


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