According to the latest reports, recently, a well-known security company specialized in hacking mobile devices and mobile operating systems and also well-known for unlocking the San Bernardino iPhone, has found a new way to unlock or hack any iPhone model.

OMG! This Firm Found A Way To Hack Any iPhone Model

It’s been several months since the San Bernardino iPhone was unlocked. But then it became clear that after applying the high-tech security and protection layer the FBI managed to hack the iPhone in collaboration with a company specializing in computer security. However, now it seems that all that has been thrown on the ground, because they have already found how to unlock any iPhone, including the latest iPhone X.

There was an important battle between the FBI and Apple because the Cupertino firm did not want to unlock the iPhone. They finally got it, but because it was an ‘old model’. Now, however, there should be no similar controversy, because Cellebrite has found a way to unlock any iPhone, even the most recent model of the Cupertino company. This is the same Israeli company that ended the security of that iPhone 5c that caused so many headaches to the FBI.

It does not matter which iPhone it is, if it has iOS 11 or an earlier version, it can be unlocked

They ensure that any Apple iDevice can be unlocked with a new tool they have developed. Specifically, they talk about any iOS device between versions 5 and 11; from the iPhone to the iPad mini, iPad Pro and iPod Touch.

As we mentioned above, this includes the latest models of Apple, which are the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone X. But it also affects Samsung’s Android terminals within the Galaxy and Note ranges, Alcatel, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, LG, ZTE and Nexus (Google) among many others. In their statement, they say that they are pioneers in this.

Cellebrite has been working on tools and digital forensic software focused on smartphones since 1999, and among its main clients is the government of the United States. With UFED, one of its multiple tools, you can extract any type of file from a mobile device, and get the passwords stored in it. However, do not rule out that with new versions of iOS, the tech giant Apple signature close the possibilities of Cellebrite.

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