How to Fix Frozen MAC when Updating MacOS
How to Fix Frozen MAC when Updating MacOS

Here is the tutorial for Fixing Frozen Mac when Updating MacOS using the help of 4 different ways that will be effective and will solve your problem, So follow the below guide to proceed.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he MacOS is believed to be one of the best-operating systems made for the computer devices and the reason for that is this OS just outperforms in any case and also have very very fewer issues related to it. This could be the great thing while every user only wishes that his/her PC or Laptop running secure OS won’t get stuck while doing up the tasks and also that there should be no issue regarding the OS. While MacOS is the best choice for the users because of the reason, it’s quite stable and has no big issues at all, but for instance, there are issues that the MacOS is still holding on while no other OS have that kind of issues. The MacOS have some common issue where it gets frozen, or the Mac gets frozen whenever the users tend to update the operating system. This could be the major issue as the users could not be able to update their systems and hence enjoy up to the newest features and functions on their device. To help out the users get rid of the frozen Mac when updating the MacOS we have written about some ways and methods that all could be followed. If you are also facing the frozen mac issue while updating your MacOS then just read up those ways and methods from the article and apply these all, might be any of these could fix up the issue quickly!

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How to Fix Frozen MAC when Updating MacOS

Note that while updating the MacOS it would be difficult to conclude whether or not your screen have been frozen or not, to simply recognize it check that if the progress bar on the screen moves or not. If it doesn’t move for more than 30 minutes, then the chances are that you got your Mac frozen.

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Steps to Fix Frozen MAC when Updating MacOS:

#1 Wait a Lot’s for the Update

Fix Frozen Mac when Updating MacOS
Fix Frozen Mac when Updating MacOS

The issue could be overwhelming you because you have to go on waiting for the screen to respond but what if we say that the thing you could do for the frozen screen is just watching it alike for few hours? This could make possible feel like terrible but let me make you know that some users have got their update done in about 10 hours and until that time those users only felt like that the Mac have been frozen!

#2 Refresh your MAC

Try to refresh your updating Mac as this could give it some kick all the time and there might not come any issue of the frozen screen. For refreshing the install just follow the below steps:

1. First of hold down the power button of your Mac device and then hold it for about 30 seconds. This would switch off your Mac but don’t worry your update won’t be distracted or disturbed anyway.

2. Press and hold down the power key on the Mac again for the 30 seconds, and this should switch up the device back on. The update should then automatically get resumed.

3. To check whether the update is still running or not press “Command+ L” and then from the screen look for the installation.

#3 Reset up the NVRAM

Fix Frozen Mac when Updating MacOS
Fix Frozen Mac when Updating MacOS

NVRAM is the small amount of space that the Mac shares with the device space so as to store some of its settings or task information and this could only be accessed by the Mac system. To solve up the issue of the frozen screen, we have to reset that NVRAM. For doing that up, you need to follow up the below steps:

1. Shut down your Mac and then again power it On.

2. Immediately after the startup sounds on your Mac, press and holds the “Command+Option+P+R” key combinations. Keep holding those keys until you hear up the startup sounds again on your Mac.

3. Now release up the keys, and your NVRAM should be reset. The update would also start or get resume now easily without any issues.

#4 The Ultimate Recovery

Fix Frozen Mac when Updating MacOS
Fix Frozen Mac when Updating MacOS

If nothing works for you, then the only option lefts behind and that are to install up to the latest version of the MacOS in the recovery mode of the Mac. For doing that up some steps have to be followed, and these steps are given below:

1. Shut down the button and then power it on again but while doing so immediately press the keys “Command + R” on the keyboard. This would take you to the recovery mode of your Mac.

2. After getting in the recovery mode, you need to connect to the internet connection, and for that, you just have to click on the Wifi icon placed on the top right of the screen and then check the internet connection.

3. Select “Reinstall OS X” or “Reinstall MacOS” option from the screen in the recovery mode and then following through the selection of the latest MacOS you could install it from there easily.

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So after reading up the above article, you might have got about those ways and methods that you could utilize on your Mac so as to fix up the issue of Frozen Mac while updating the MacOS. Just remember that not every device would have the same issue causing the frozen screen so to get up the fix you must try all of the above-stated ways and methods!