Technology is so advanced nowadays that you can track flight status from your computer or smartphone. Before such advancement, the only way to know the current flight status is by calling the helpline number of the airport or your booking center.

Today, hundreds of flight tracker websites are available on the web that let you track your flight’s current status. Even better, you have Android and iOS apps that can do the same thing for you.

So, if you just planned a vacation and want to eliminate all the hassles, you can use the best Android and iOS flight trackers. Today, Flight Tracker apps for smartphones are so better that they can provide you with real-time status and timely alerts for warnings and delays.

15 Best Flight Tracking Apps for Android & iPhone

Additionally, flight tracker apps for phones show you the weather conditions for your destination. Below, we have shared some of the best free flight trackers for Android and iOS smartphones. Let’s get started.

1. FlightAware


If you are searching for an Android or iOS app to track the real-time flight status and see the live map and flight tracks of commercial airplanes, look no other than FlightAware.

FlightAware is a free live flight tracker app for Android and iOS that lets you track flights by registration, route, airline, flight number, city pair, or airport code.

The good thing about FlightAware is that it provides real-time push notification flight alerts. You can also view the airport delays, nearby flights, and more. FlightAware is an excellent flight tracker app you should take advantage of.

2. App in the Air

App in the Air

App in the Air doesn’t call itself a flight tracker, but it has all the features of any standard flight tracker app. The application is available for Android and iOS and is an all-in-one personal travel assistant app.

The app is less popular than other flight trackers but provides all the relevant information you need. You can use this app to book flights and track all your itineraries, boarding passes, etc.

You can also manage your loyalty points across airlines with App in the Air. If we talk about live flight tracking, the App in the Air allows you to select a flight and follow the aircraft to see the exact route along with delays.

3. FlightStats


FlightStats is an excellent app for those who want to control their day of travel. It’s a simple, free, real-time flight tracker app that you can use to check flight status and airport tracking.

This app can quickly access worldwide flight status by flight number, airport, or route. You can even watch other flights as they move across the world.

The app also lets you scan essential information about your flight, like departure/arrival times, delay indexes, and more. You can even share your flight status from the flight overview screen if you find any useful information.

4. Flightradar24


Flightradar24 is the best and top-rated flight tracker app for Android and iOS in more than 130+ countries.

The good thing about Flightradar24 is that it has all of the key features of any standard flight tracker, like the ability to track live flight status, identify flights overhead, see what the pilot of an aircraft sees in 3D, and more.

It’s a great app to track flights, view current delay status, check the weather conditions of your destination, and more. In addition, Flightradar24 provides you with more detailed information about the flight than any other app. For example, the app can check up to 365 days of flight history.

5. Planes Live – Flight Tracker

Planes Live - Flight Tracker

Looking for the best and easy-to-use flight tracker and aircraft radar app for Android and iOS, look no other than Planes Live – Flight Tracker.

Planes Live – Flight Tracker is a popular flight tracker app that attempts to keep you updated with your flight status.

With Planes Live – Flight Tracker, you can quickly get detailed flight schedules, real-time aircraft departure and arrival information, find terminal and gate updates, etc.

It also sends push notifications about all flight delays and other changes. Additionally, there’s an option to check the weather forecast of your destination. Planes Live – Flight Tracker is an excellent flight tracker app for Android and iOS.

6. is not a full-fledged flight tracking app, but it’s a great travel app you would love. You can use this app to find international and domestic flights at great rates with no booking fees.

So, this is an app that can help you plan your trip. You can find and book tickets, find hotels to stay in, etc. You can even book train tickets for the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, South Korea, and more.

If we talk about flight status tracking, facilitates real-time flight status tracking and lets you check your flight status in the app. Also, you can instantly get push notifications on all the latest updates of your flight.

7. Live Flight Tracker

Live Flight Tracker

Live Flight Tracker is a top-rated Android app on the Google Play Store that provides a real-time flight tracking feature for planes on an interactive map.

The app is free on the Google Play Store, and you can search flights by route, flight number, tail number, airport, etc.

The only drawback of Live Flight Tracker is that it doesn’t have a database. Instead, it collects and shares flight data from other sources. Due to this reason, you might get slightly delayed updates on your flights.

8. Live Flight Status – Tracker

Live Flight Status - Tracker

Live Flight Status – Tracker is available only for iOS and is one of the best live flight status tracker apps you can use today. This one is less popular than other apps on the list. Still, it provides you with all the relevant information.

It’s a simple-to-use, lightweight flight tracker app with the latest estimated departure and arrival times, terminal and gate numbers, etc. In addition, you can find details based on the airplane number, flight date, etc.

The good thing about the free live flight tracker app is that its dedicated flight tracker servers power it. Live Flight Status – Tracker is a great flight tracker app you should use.

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9. The Flight Tracker

The Flight Tracker

The Flight Tracker is a lightweight and free Android and iPhone app to track any flight worldwide. You can follow any flight and view their departure and arrival information. It’s a completely free app without any ads.

The app provides much other information like flight delay information, real-time terminal and gate updates, adding your boarding pass, checking local weather at your destination location, and more.

Besides that, The Flight Tracker also provides a unique share feature that lets you share your important flight information with others. The Flight Tracker is a great ad-free flight tracker for Android and iOS.

10. Flight Board

Flight Board

Flight Board is different from all other apps listed in the article. It’s an app that lets you track both flight departures and arrivals.

You can view the flight board with the upcoming departures on the departure mode. Flight Board also has a powerful airport search engine to switch airports. The airport search engine can fetch over 10,000 airports across the world.

Additionally, an option lets you search flights by their plane numbers, destination, or airline. The app is available for both Android & iOS, and it’s free to download and use.

11. Flighty


Flighty is the ultimate flight tracker app for iPhone. This one has excellent features like 25-hour flight tracking, pilot-grade FAA integration, delay forecast, ground radar, and more.

Flighty is free to download, but you must purchase the pro version to use all its features. However, the app has all the features you might need for flight tracking. Overall, Flighty is an excellent flight tracker app for iPhones.

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12. FlightView


FlightView is a flight finder and flight search engine app available for Android and iOS.

You can use FlightView to get real-time flight information, track upcoming and in-air flights, receive flight alerts, and more.

Some useful features of FlightView include Airport information, driving directions to the Airport, flight schedules, airport delays, and more.

13. Planes Live

Planes Live

If you want a simple yet powerful flight tracker app for Android and iPhone, look no other than Planes Live. Planes Live is a powerful flight tracking tool that lets you track planes online worldwide.

With Planes Live, you can track planes & biplanes online, get notified about flight schedules, search for particular flights/airports/locations, and more.

The premium version of Planes Live provides even more features like Weather overlays, faster data updates, no ads, and more.

14. Plane Finder – Flight Tracker

Plane Finder - Flight Tracker

Plane Finder – Flight Tracker is another top-rated flight tracking app for Android and iPhone. Like every other app on the list, the app lets you see live air traffic patterns with real-time tracking of almost any plane you’re interested in.

Apart from global flight tracking, Plane Finder – Flight Tracker provides you with other features as well, like checking the 3D form of any aircraft, airport, or location on the map.

The app also has a Live AR mode that requires you to point your camera at a plane to instantly reveal the flight information.

15. Flightnetwork


Flightnetwork is on a different side; it’s an app that lets you securely access your flight booking details. Along with the flight booking details, it provides you with other information like real-time updates on the flight so that you never miss it.

The app’s key features include free early check-in, the ability to book flights, adding more flight-related services on the fly, and more.

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So, these are some of the best free flight-tracking apps for Android and iPhone. Almost all apps in the article were available on the Google Play and Apple App Store. If you want to suggest any other unique flight tracker for phones, let us know in the comments below.


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