The new Samsung phone screen can be folded in half like a book to open the same, and it was code-named “Project Valley” and allegedly may be officially launched at the beginning of 2016.

The new Samsung phone with the code name “Project Valley” is something like Mr flexible which means the screen can be folded in half like a book; the rumors say that the phone will launch at the beginning of 2016, probably in January, after one month from now. Samsung Electronics is developing a special built-in foldable cell phone or a flexible (soft, Flexible) screen.

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Samsung’s new phone is called “Foldable Valley“, below codenamed “Project Valley” project. Its research and development department will use the Samsung monitor bendable plastic screen. Samsung had previously said they would release a foldable device in 2016.

Foldable And Flexible Smartphone From Samsung In January 2016

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Foldable And Flexible Smartphone From Samsung In January 2016
Foldable And Flexible Smartphone From Samsung In January 2016

According to the mobile phone network operators and Gforgames, PhoneArena reports, Samsung rivals contend Apple, the development of innovative mobile products. Use plastic instead of glass substrates, developed a flexible panel, previously released Curved screen machine Galaxy S6 edge/edge plus. But because Curved screen, although cool, but the lack of practical use. Samsung which can then develop collapsible panel, the user can collapse large panels easy to carry, highly practical.

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In year 2015, there are rumors that Samsung “Project Valley” phone’s screen, and is currently the biggest difference curved screen of the phone, is that “Project Valley” screen is not fixed curvature, but allows the user to choose to The screen folds up or spread out. In addition, rumors “Project Valley” is a piece of the screen, instead of the left and right dual-screen design, so whether it is spread out or folded, in the middle of the screen should not have an unsightly black divide.

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In fact, back in 2013, when Samsung released a bendable OLED screen “YOUM” LCD or OLED screen structure now used are used in the glass, and replace film YOUM places, so that the whole screen becomes thinner, more curved, but also less likely to break.

Samsung recently another “Project Valley” about the rumors appear. It concerns the smartphone revealed on the microblogging fans, Samsung is likely in January 2016 was published “Project Valley”, it has two models being tested, are powered by Qualcomm S620 and S820 processor, 3 GB configuration RAM, SD card slot and can not replace the battery design use.