Whether you are starting an online store, setting up a new business, or just looking to refresh your existing blogs or store, a perfect logo always plays a crucial role in creating a brand and business identity.

Undoubtedly, a logo is vital for a personal blog, business website, or online store. A logo is one of the first things users notice while visiting your sites.

However, creating a logo is not an easy process, and it’s completely different from traditional photo editing. Designing a logo can always be an intimidating task, but we will make things easy for you. There are many online logo makers available on the web that can be used to create a good-looking logo in just a few minutes.

List of 10 Best Free Online Logo Makers

So, in this article, we will share some of the best free logo makers online, which you can use to create quality logos without spending any money. So, let’s explore the list of the best free online logo makers.


Well, if you are looking for a website to create stunning logos in minutes, then look no other than Turbologo. The logo maker of Turbologo helps you find the right visual elements to create logos.

The web-based tool offers you hundreds of logo design templates to choose from. You just need to select the logo template and start adding your own elements to it.

2. Logogenie


Logogenie is another excellent web-based logo maker that you can use today. The website is free to use, and it lets you experiment with different icons, fonts, and colors.

Not only that, but Logogenie even allows you to create multiple versions of your logo and download the high-definition files directly from your account. The web-based tool is free to use, but it has premium logo templates which can be accessed & used only with a subscription.

3. Shopify


Well, Shopify has a service which is known as Shopify hatchful. It’s a logo maker application that’s designed for mobile use. However, users can also utilize the service on desktop platforms.

With the premium subscription, you can create unique logos in just a few seconds. The web-based tool offers a drag-and-drop interface that makes the logo-making process easy and fun. Also, users can add several logo elements like vector images, texts, icons to the logo.

4. Ucraft Logo Maker

Ucraft Logo Maker

Just like Shopify, Ucraft also provides users with a free logo maker. You can use Ucraft Logo Maker to create business logos. It’s a web-based tool that offers users a drag and drop interface to create a logo.

What makes Ucraft Logo Maker more interesting is its variety of icons and text styles. However, to download the logos in higher quality or get the custom logo file, you must create an account and subscribe to a premium package.

5. Canva Logo Maker

Canva Logo Maker

If you are a beginner and have no prior logo-making knowledge, then Canva might be the best pick for you. It’s a web-based image editing tool that offers you many editing options.

With Canva, you can easily create eye-catchy images for Facebook ads, infographics, and more. Yes, you can even generate a logo with Canva, but you will get limited features with the free account. You need to subscribe to a premium package to unlock all elements and editing tools.

6. DesignMatic


DesignMatic is a pretty easy-to-use free logo maker on the list that you can consider. Guess what? DesignMatic offers you a wide range of font styles, font types, colors, and vector arts to design a new logo.

Although the web tool is free to use, downloading the design comes with a free. You will only get a high-resolution logo image if you have a premium account.

7. Logaster Logo Maker

Logaster Logo Maker

Logaster Logo Maker is another simple to use online logo maker which you can use to generate a logo for your company. To create a logo, Logaster Logo Maker offers lots of beautiful templates.

However, you need to sign up with Logaster Logo Maker to save logos, and it doesn’t provide editing tools to re-edit the logos.

8. DesignEvo


DesignEvo is another leading free online logo maker on the list which you can consider. The best thing about DesignEvo is that it can turn simple logo thoughts into reality. DesignEvo right now has three plans, including the free one.

However, the free one is useless because it adds a watermark to the logo. Apart from that, DesignEvo offers lots of logo templates to choose from, and it’s one of the best logo websites you can visit if you are running sort of logo ideas.

9. Design Hill

Design Hill

Design Hill Logo Maker is another best and free logo maker you can use right now. With Design Hill, you can design your logo in less than 5 minutes. If you are running sort of logo ideas, you can start with the pre-built templates.

However, the price to save the created logo is relatively high. Still, Design Hill is one of the best logo makers that you can use right now.

10. Placeit

PlaceitPlaceit is another online logo maker that can help you create unique logos in just a few clicks. The best thing about Placeit is its interface which looks clean and well organized.

Unlike all other online logo makers, Placeit doesn’t have unnecessary features. Placeit offers users thousands of professional logo templates to choose from to create a logo.

So, these are the ten best online free logo makers you can use right now. If you know any other online logo makers like these, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.