Sometimes, an up-to-date operating system is not enough to protect our computer from hacking attempts or malware attacks. Malware can enter your system through email attachments, during software installations, or through installed software.

Since we never care to update apps that have been already installed on our computers, malware creators often target the older version of apps to push malicious files. However, these things can be easily fixed by updating outdated software. But, if you have lots of software installed on a PC, then manually updating each software might be a tiresome task.

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List of 10 Best Free Software Updaters For Windows

So, to make things a little bit easy, we will share some of the best Free Software Updaters that can be used to update all your Windows software at once. So let’s check out some of the best free software updaters for your Windows PC.

1. Heimdal Free

Heimdal Free

Well, Heimdar is a software manager that monitors and auto-updates your software to the latest version. Heimdal Free monitors all programs by default, but you can create a custom list to monitor only the programs you want.

The only downside of Heimdal Free is that it supports only limited programs. The latest software you download from the internet is likely to be incompatible with Heimdal Free.

2. UCheck


UCheck is another excellent software updater on the list that can update all software installed on your PC. As of now, UCheck supports over 200 programs, with more to be supported soon.

Compared to other software updates, UCheck is also pretty easy to use. You just need to run a scan for outdated software, select all outdated programs, and then click on the Update button to update them all.

The premium version of UCheck also offers additional features such as scheduled scans, new software installation, PUP protection, and more.

3. Ninite


It is another excellent software updater on the list which you can use on Windows 10 computer. The software is known for its minimalistic interface and features. Apart from updating the software, Ninitie also scans and updates device drivers.

4. Software Updater

Software Updater

As the tool’s name says, Software Updater is meant to update outdated software. The great thing about Software Updater is its interface which looks straightforward, and it’s free from any complicated settings.

Regarding the features, Software Updater scans and lists the current version of all installed software and provides the update link if available.

5. Patch My PC Updater

Patch My PC Updater

Patch My PC Updater is a portable software patcher available for Windows 10 computers. Compared to every other software updater program, Patch My PC Updater is pretty easy to use and lightweight. Once installed, it scans for all software and lists the outdated ones.

It also lets you update all outdated software in just one click. Apart from that, Patch My PC Updater also includes many additional options like disabling silent installs, disabling installation of beta updates, etc.

6. Update Notifier

Update Notifier

If you are looking for a simple to use free program updater for Windows 10, Update Notifier might be the best choice.

The great thing about Update Notifier is that it automatically scans the available software and provides you with the download link from official sites. That means you need to download the updates through a web browser or download managers.

7. IObit Software Updater

IObit Software Updater

If you are searching for a simple yet effective software updater for Windows, then IObit Software Updater might be the best pick. Guess what? IObit Software Updater has every feature that you expect from a software updating tool.

The tool lists the current version of installed software along with the latest version. Apart from that, IObit Software Updater supports single updates, bulk updates, and even automatic updates.

8. SUMo


SUMo, which stands for Software Update Monitor, is another Windows 10 software updater that you can use right now. The software scans your hard drive for software.

The scanning process is a little bit slow, but once scanned, it lets users know which programs need to be updated. It also allows users to select software to update manually.

9. Avira Software Updater

Avira Software Updater

If you are searching for an easy-to-use Windows software to update all software, Avira Software Updater might be the best pick. Guess what? in just one click, Avira Software Updater scans for outdated software and tells you which ones need to be updated.

It is available in two versions – Free and Premium. The free version is just a limited version of the paid edition with more features.

10. Glarysoft’s Software Update

Glarysoft's Software Update

Instead of providing you with the updated version of installed apps, it opens the results in your browser and gives you direct download links to all available updates. It’s an update checker tool for Windows that checks for available program updates.

You can manually set up Glarysoft’s Software Update to skip beta version updates. The tool is also pretty lightweight and can run in the background without affecting the overall system performance.

So, these are the best Windows Software updater you can use right now. You can rely on these tools to update your software on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 PC. If you know any other such software updates, let us know in the comments.