What if I say you all that do not trust the security of Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Many of you might be thinking that why I am saying like this? It is very simple, as recently a developer has managed to bypass the facial recognition system of Galaxy Note 8 just by using a mocked photo.

WARNING! Galaxy Note 8 Face Unlock Can Easily Be Fooled By A Photo

With this news you will be surprised: the facial recognition of Galaxy Note 8 can be mocked with a photo. As you read: perhaps this mobile does not exploit as its predecessor, but it is definitely not the safest device of all with this failure of its biometric system.

This facial recognition system is so vulnerable that you can use a selfie from another device to free the mobile, you can even use a photo of Facebook or any social network, so if your mobile phone falls into the wrong hands it will probably suffice to gossip a little in your web life to open your phone without your authorization.

The source of the Galaxy Note 8 security bug

The test was done by a developer well-known as Mel Tajon, who was able to unlock the device, of course, Galaxy Note 8 with a selfie taken from his own phone, and even using the Facebook profile photos that people have posted.

The experiment was posted in a video that Tajon published from his Twitter account @Meltanjon and YouTube, which shows a clear demonstration of the South Korean giant Samsung’s failure. This error proves one thing and is that the technology of facial recognition of Galaxy Note 8 is not as safe as we thought until now, even though the manufacturer did see the opposite in the demonstration during the launch.

However, with the launch of the Galaxy S8, the South Korean giant Samsung quietly admitted that its facial recognition system was not very safe because they do not accept it as a means of verification to use it with Samsung Pay.

This news should generate some displeasure to the users of the Galaxy Note 7, although they will have a significant discount on the price of the new Galaxy Note 8, probably have a device that is not sure to generate some generous interest.

Now that we know how unreliable the system of facial recognition of the Galaxy Note 8 that can be mocked with a photo, it is necessary to ask if the tech giant Apple will have prepared a more robust system, that presumably would replace the Touch ID.

So, what do you think about this failure of Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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