As we all know that the Samsung mobile team was a trending topic on networks currently, initially of its majestic design and operation, but, later it began to lose prestige due to the incidents caused by the batteries of Galaxy Note 7. But, now the latest reports are showing something again interesting about its upcoming flagship device.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 May Have VR-Ready 4K Display and Dual Cameras

There is nothing confirmed, but all tracks seem to be focused on virtual reality, from the screen to the processor and the camera, as it is expected that Galaxy S8, yes, Galaxy S8 the upcoming flagship device from Samsung will also come in two versions with a different chip. The latest leak refers to the variant with Exynos chip, specifically, the GPU which integrates, and new virtual reality sounds louder.

The Dual-Cameras

As there is growing evidence that Samsung plans to place a dual camera (or dual chamber) in the Galaxy S8. According to the reports, Samsung is documenting an interface to digital zoom while taking a photo and the patent was revealed by a reliable source.

When there is any talk arise about the dual cameras, we all get excited, as they are really popular right now. LG’s G5, V20, Huawei’s P9 and Honor 8 all have dual back cameras. Even, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus also has the same. As we hinted earlier that a recently filed patent suggests Samsung’s considering two cameras that are similar to the iPhone 7 Plus’s setup for improved zoom.

What about the display?

As we all know that Samsung’s flagship devices were some of the first devices to ship with HD screen, then full HD and then Quad HD. Now it is the time for 4K, however, all those pixels won’t be useful for daily use. A 4K display on a smartphone has more inherent to be a killer mobile VR display.

The enhanced pixel density would mean sharper visuals in VR with less of the “screen door effect” that currently troubles the Quad HD and lower resolution screens. Basically, the VR worlds will look much clearer and more vivid.


According to the reports, the processor will be called Exynos 8895 and so far no information were arrived regarding the number of cores or clock speed, but more details have emerged about a key element: the GPU. The Exynos 8895 would have a GPU Mali G71, as the ARM model presented for months, so already the most important details are known.

The Mali G71 will operate 850 MHz and would be 1.8 times faster than the Mali T880 MP12 which is already riding the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. But not only that, it’s also 20% more efficient from the energy point and even the performance has been improved by 40%. Moreover, it is compatible with the API and supports Vulkan 4K screen, another innovation that we can expect in Galaxy S8.