Recent reports state that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature a futuristic new design with an all-screen nearly bezel-less display like the Xiaomi Mi Mix. But, it is expected that Galaxy S8 may come in two variants.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Will Reportedly Have An ‘All-Screen’ Design

We already have lots of rumors and leaks since the release of the previous generation, but the Samsung Galaxy S8 is getting closer to launch – at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona- and information begins to ‘pile up’.

According to inside sources of Bloomberg, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature a futuristic new design with an all-screen nearly bezel-less display like the Xiaomi Mi Mix, but there will be no dual camera. One of the key points considering that hardly anything changed regarding the Galaxy S6, and everything points to bet on a front frameless screen.

On the other side of the ‘ring’, the Cupertino giant Apple to keep its iPhone in July, contrary to the evolution of an entire sector, provide a ratio front-screen surface of 65.7%. This is already far surpassed by Samsung, which in the Galaxy S7 offered a ratio of 72.1%.

Now, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 took another step forward reaching 78%, and above all these measures the Xiaomi Mi Mix has struck a blow against the table betting on a ratio of 83.6%. What Samsung has to say to all this? Well, according to Bloomberg, South Korea’s leading consumer technology: ‘A new design with an all-screen’.

Indeed, Apple continues with an ‘obsolete’ design if you look at the ratio of front surface occupied by the screen, but it is true that the ‘Home’ button of the iPhone 7 have taken a first step towards the integration of fingerprint sensor and this control functions within the screen itself, which is expected to happen with the iPhone 8.

What if Samsung is ahead? According to Bloomberg, this is exactly what will happen, while disappearing the physical button on the front to leave room for a larger screen, without the bevel. And not only that even Samsung will also bring an all-new voice assistant with the Galaxy S8.

As it has previously acquired artificial intelligence company known as Viv, founded by the developers who have worked on Apple’s Siri, and the new voice assistant might integrate their work. The new voice assistant is said to use voice commands to send text messages, make calls and schedule appointments.

However, it seems that there are two versions, one with the 5.1-Inch screen, and another with 5.5-Inches screen. But beyond that, again the South Korean firm will try to distance itself with its own processor, usually more powerful than the Snapdragon, the biggest novelty of this information is that design with all-screen that would follow the Xiaomi Mi Mix.