A presentation was recently made in China by the South Korean giant Samsung, in which the company unveiled the best new feature that the South Korean giant Samsung’s upcoming device Galaxy S9 will feature and the most interesting thing is that this feature could be Samsung’s software.

Samsung Just Unveiled The Best New Feature Of Galaxy S9

If you take a look at the recent history in the world of technology, you will see that Samsung is one of those companies that, since always, it has been demanded a lot, due to the great experience it has in the sector of technology.

It already happened with the fact that some of its devices occupied too much, with cheap construction materials such as plastic, and, the next step, will be the interface.

Samsung’s personalization layer has always singed to ballast a bit the performance of some of its devices, and this and other reasons may have led to Samsung has decided to give a change to this interface as hated as loved.

Galaxy Ai UX, the interface focused on artificial intelligence

A presentation was recently made in China by Samsung, in which the company unveiled Bixby Voice for the Asian giant, great news for the country’s users, who will finally be able to enjoy the voice controls of the personal virtual assistant of the Korean company.

However, this may not be the only thing that the Koreans unveiled yesterday, since, during the presentation, they took out a sign that said “Galaxy Ai UX”, which would be the name of its new interface focused on virtual reality.

Samsung, as you can read in Android Community, started investing in DeePhi Tech and Graphcore, two companies quite involved in the world of artificial intelligence.

Therefore, everything points to the upcoming Galaxy S9, which will be the first device with this new interface, will incorporate some significant element at the level of Artificial Intelligence, or what is the same, Bixby will have more functions, such as an intelligent recognition of the photos.

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