Get Android Notifications On Linux Desktop PC
Get Android Notifications On Linux Desktop PC

Learn how to Get Android Notifications on Linux Desktop with the help of a cool tool that will help you to get all the notifications accessible on your desktop PC, So follow the complete tutorial to proceed.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hile working on your Linux desktop it could be pretty difficult to ditch your work on the desktop every time to view any sort of notifications you get on your Android device. This just kills the concentration on your work and also doesn’t helps you keep your focus on your important stuff whether of your Linux desktop or of your Android device. You might be using both these devices because in Android you get to be notified about your business related or important messages that you could not ignore and on the other side you might be doing some really important stuff. Keeping this in preference both the devices could not be left, but still, you need some kind of solution to combine the both devices into one. There is actually some way through which the notifications from Android could be shared to Linux and hence you would be able to view these directly while working on Linux. Here in this article, we have written about the method through which the Linux users could set their device in such a way that all the notifications from their android device are shared with the Linux device and hence all the Android notifications would be seen directly on the Linux device. If you are also looking for this method then you are exactly at the right place, the method we have written is amazing and could prove to be really beneficial for you. You just go and read out the whole article given below so as to know about the method!

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How to Get Android Notifications on Linux Desktop

The method is simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed right below.

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Steps to Getting Android Notifications on Linux Desktop:

1. First of all, open up the terminal on your Linux and therefore using it type the command “sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/pushbullet” and run it by pressing the enter key.

Get Android Notifications On Linux Desktop
Get Android Notifications On Linux Desktop

2. After the above command type in the another command in the terminal “sudo apt update” and wait for the system upgrades to be checked. If there would be any kind of system upgrades required then it would be installing all those updates first and you would then need to wait for it to complete first.

3. Again after the completion of above command type in the another command “sudo apt install pushbullet-indicator” in the terminal. This is actually the linux client for the pushbullet that would be installed through this command on your device.

Get Android Notifications On Linux Desktop
Get Android Notifications On Linux Desktop

4. Launch the Pushbullet Indicator client you recently installed using the above commands and then inside it either login with the account if you have that or register up to the new account. Remain logged inside your account on the Linux client of the Pushbullet and then go to set up the pushbullet on the Android device.

Get Android Notifications On Linux Desktop
Get Android Notifications On Linux Desktop

5. Download the Pushbullet app on the Android device and then open it up. Using it login to the same account you have used in the Linux Pushbullet client. Pushbullet would ask you for some of the permissions that include the push notifications to the Linux desktop, just grant all those permissions and carry on. Once you are done with that you would then be able to see your Android notifications on the Linux Desktop.

Get Android Notifications On Linux Desktop

Some of the other apps like Pushbullet for the purpose:

# LinConnect
# Desktop Notifications

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After reading up the above article you have now got about the easy method through which the Android notifications could be directly seen through the Linux desktop with which these are synced. This method is really simple to apply as you might have already got up, and there is also no advanced requirement for the same. Hope you might have liked this method and tried it on your device, but if you haven’t tried it still then go now and try it up


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