If you stay active on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., you might have seen many GIFs. GIF is basically an animated image that keeps looping.

After images and videos, GIFs were the new trend. GIFs fit between the video and a still image because they take less time to watch and are more expressive than a still image. You will find many users on social networking sites using GIFs to express themselves.

Although it’s pretty easy to find GIFs on the internet, what if you want to create your own? Let’s admit it, sometimes we all have wanted to create our own GIFs. Creating GIFs is easy on PC, but things become a little complicated on Android.

List of 10 Best Free GIF Creator Apps for Android

On Android, you need to rely on third-party GIF maker apps to create your own GIFs from images or videos. This article will list down some of the best GIF Maker apps for Android. Let’s check out.

1. ImgPlay


ImgPlay is an Android app that allows you to create GIFs using photos and videos. Compared to other GIF creators, ImgPlay is easier to use.

You can use ImgPlay to turn your Video and Photos into GIFs. The app also allows users to apply filters to create more beautiful and funny GIFs.

ImgPlay also lets you adjust the frame rate change the playback direction manually. Overall, this is an excellent GIF maker app for Android.

2. Picsart Animator

Picsart Animator

If you are looking for an Android app to create cartoon videos, animated GIFs, and funny doodles, look no other than Picsart Animator.

The app offers an animation creator and cartoon maker that lets you save animations as a video or a GIF. You can download this app from the Google Play Store.

After creating a GIF, you can share the GIF on social networking platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

3. GifYou


Even though it is not famous, the GIFYou app is still among the best Android apps for making customized GIFs & memes. The app boasts a simple interface and allows you to create high-quality animated GIFs in a few simple steps.

With GifYou’s face-swapping feature, you can automatically swap out a face from a photo and put it on a GIF you choose.

4. StoryZ


Android users can use StoryZ to make awesome video stories using still images. The app lets you create loop video animations from photos.

Guess what? The app can turn any photo into an animated GIF and animated double exposure. You can even use this app to create amazing visual effects like Cinemagraph, magical moving portraits, and more.

5. Gif Me! Camera

Gif Me! Camera

Gif Me! Camera is a full-fledged camera app for Android that ships with a GIF maker. Being a camera app, it supports amazing features like time-lapse, stop-motion, and other shots.

Creating GIFs is pretty easy with Gif Me! Camera. You can use the app to convert videos & photos into GIFs.

6. Ez GIF Maker

Ez GIF Maker

Ez GIF Maker is an image editing tool that lets you create animated images. The app offers you a wide range of tools to create animated images.

The app has a clean interface and is pretty easy to use. You can convert any photos or videos into a GIF with just a tap. The app also offers a few GIF creation features like special effects, adjustable video frame rates, and more.

7. GIF Creator

GIF Creator

GIF Creator is an underrated app that brings you many useful features for creating GIFs. Actually, it’s more than just a GIF maker; it includes a photo mixer, photo editor, unique filters, and more.

The app can convert any boring static image into a funny animated GIF. With this app, you can even apply beautiful effects to the GIFs, adjust the speed, crop GIFs, and more.



It is a GIF search engine that allows you to search and share GIFs with anyone. With this free app, you can even create your own GIFs.

Creating GIFs with GIPHY is pretty easy; you can use an image/video from your gallery or capture a live video/image.

Additionally, the app allows you to add stickers or text, add filters, animation to the background. Overall, GIPHY is an excellent GIF maker app for Android.

9. GIF Maker

GIF Maker

GIF Maker is one of the best and extremely easy-to-use GIF creator apps available for Android. The app has a clean and user-friendly interface, and it brings lots of exciting features.

This app pulls the GIFs directly from Tenor and allows you to edit them. You can download your favorite GIF and start editing it accordingly.

10. GIF Maker, GIF Editor

GIF Maker, GIF Editor

GIF Maker, GIF Editor is a lightweight application with a beautiful & clear interface but provides powerful tools for creating GIFs.

With GIF Maker, GIF Editor, you can create GIFs from photos, videos, camera, and screen recording. It also offers tons of features to edit the GIFs such as crop, resize, speed adjustment, filters, sticker, etc.

You can use these free Android apps to create your own GIFs. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. Also, if you know of any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below.