It's Time To Say GoodBye To Windows Vista
It's Time To Say GoodBye To Windows Vista

Microsoft’s Windows Vista reached the end of mainstream support on April 10, 2012, and it will exit the extended support period on April 11, 2017. Well, users of Windows Vista can move to Windows 7, 8 and 10 to get all the supports.

It’s Time To Say GoodBye To Windows Vista

Microsoft has a long history of Windows versions. Over the years it has been releasing new and improved versions, each time more improved and with new functionalities.

If some of them are milestones of the company’s success, others do not miss it. Windows Vista falls into this second category and but within a month, it will announce the end, with the end of support.

It is already on April 11 that Microsoft will terminate the task of maintaining Windows Vista. From that day on, as with Windows XP, this version of Windows will no longer have access to new updates and will lose support.

Windows Vista was released in 2007, this new version of Windows intended to be something completely new, with a mission to be better than the ever-acclaimed Windows XP. The truth is that Windows Vista has never avenged itself and many users still today have complaints about this version.

10 years after it was released in the market, Vista will be finished definitively, giving way to other newer versions and that have much more to offer.

This support that now ends will continue the end of the sale of Vista, which already happened in 2012. Since that time only security updates and small corrections are made necessary.

Microsoft recommends that everyone who still uses this operating system update their machines as soon as possible, as happened with the end of Windows XP.

It is unlikely that the use of Windows Vista will decrease immediately. The statistics point to that has less than 1% of the market, well over Widows XP can still have nearly 9%. This was never a version that pleased users and its end is, for many, something long awaited.


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