We all know very well that one of the main threats to the music industry is the sites that allow you to download music from YouTube. However, now according to the latest reports, the pressure from the court and music industry has managed to ban three well-known YouTube download sites.

Goodbye YouTube Download Websites

One of the main threats to the music industry is the sites that allow you to download music from YouTube. Thanks to them, the record companies no longer receive the revenue that would come from streaming services and the sale of CDs.

For this reason, companies are under heavy court pressure, which makes many sites voluntarily terminate their activities. In recent days, three services have decided to follow this path: Video-download.co, EasyLoad and PickVideo.

They will no longer offer video download and conversion services after receiving letters that require the termination of their activities.

Video-download.co keeps displaying its page, but it displays a message when there is an attempt to download a video is made. In the text, the page recalls the case involving YouTube-MP3, which offered the same features and left the air.

“Bad news … we decided to disable all video download functionality forever because of the recent removal of the YouTube-MP3 site, which was based in Germany (just like us),” the page says.

The YouTube-MP3 ended in September last year after a lawsuit by representatives of record companies. At the time, YouTube-MP3 owner Philip Matesanz agreed to surrender the domain of the site and agreed to pay compensation for the damages.

The result was considered a victory of the record companies since it would also put pressure on other similar pages. The head of Video-download.co says he received the statement from an American company. The document states that the site should be closed by June 12 and reminds that its services violate the law.

EasyLoad also cited the YouTube-MP3 case to justify the end of its service. “Due to the recent removal of YouTube-MP3.org, we are forced to disable the functionality of our site,” the message says.

PickVideo, which lets you download content from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and hundreds of other sites, no longer offers these features. “We’re sorry to inform you that all download and conversion services have been disabled to comply with a ‘cessation and withdrawal’ request.”

Record labels know that closing three sites does not solve the problem. However, the rapid compliance with the determinations present in the internet sites shows that companies are increasingly closing the siege of video download services.

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