We all know very well that the tech giant Google has a habit of trying to meet the application needs of its Android ecosystem. Hence, the tech giant Google just added an extraordinary and exclusive feature to its instant messaging application, of course, Google Allo.

Google Just Added An Exclusive Feature To Its Allo Messaging App

Currently, in WhatsApp we can search for GIFs, copying a function that Telegram initially introduced. Google Allo, the tech giant Google’s instant messaging application, also allows you to search for images or GIFs, and from now on it has a new and concrete function that its opponents do not have: a search engine for memes.

Google Allo has an exclusive search engine for memes

Although in Telegram we can add personalized stickers packs to have all the memes at hand, and we can also find a search engine for images and another for GIFs (better integrated than WhatsApp and that allows you to have more favorites on hand), have a specific search engine of memes that operate better than these functions is very useful in conversations.

Although Google messaging bets remain somewhat confusing, having to use three different applications ( Hangouts, Allo and Duo), the company has clearly focused on Hangouts to the professional and business sector, and Allo and Duo to individuals. For this reason, interesting functions have been added since its creation, such as being able to create personalized stickers packs based on our face in Google Allo.

Allo, as the main messaging application of the company is focused on a base of young audience. If you communicate using emojis, stickers, and gifs in many cases to support what you write, now you will have it easier with the search engine of memes.

The launch of this function seems to be being gradual, and it will arrive little by little to the users of the application. In case you have it, the button will appear next to the GIF search engine.

The user of Reddit who has commented on the appearance of this new feature in the app has highlighted that the memes found by the search engine are quite good and accurate in relation to the content that is being searched.

WhatsApp has a search engine for GIFs, but not for images

WhatsApp has had to adapt as quickly as possible to the solutions offered by other competing applications, such as Telegram, which is well ahead in many functions (although, for example, it does not have video calls yet). Seeing how often it takes to introduce these functions would be quite rare to put something like that, especially in the short term.

In addition, this function is a bit useless, because if you search for any meme with the GIF search engine on WhatsApp, or with the image search engine and Telegram GIFs, the results that appear are quite accurate as well. What you should get to WhatsApp is an image search, something quite comfortable if you do not want to send a GIF, which takes up much more space than a simple image. In the absence of stickers, an image can be more than enough.

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