We all know very well that nowadays smartphones are increasingly becoming a camera more than a phone. Hence, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Google just added this new extraordinary powerful feature to its well-known photo app, of course, Google Photos.

Google Just Added This New Powerful Feature To Google Photos

Nowadays smartphones are increasingly becoming a camera more than a phone. In terms of photo storage service, highlight the fantastic Google Photos where we can upload all the photos and have an album there with our whole history.

The tech giant Google wants to improve the way we treat these photos and wants us to recover them. With AI this will now be done quickly.

Google I/O does not just showcase news and revolutions in terms of the tech giant Google’s services and hardware. There are small improvements that are unique and important.

That’s what the tech giant Google presented today in I/O, associated with Google Photos. This service now has the ability to recover and improve photos that we have.

The photos they capture will be evaluated and the tech giant Google will propose improvements and corrections, both in framing and in the colour of the photographs themselves. The recognition of the people present will also be made, proposing to users the sending of the photographs to these users.

However, now among all these features, tech giant Google will now also use the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) simply to colourize the black-and-white photos and this feature is the most interesting feature of Google Photos which is presented recently, by the tech giant Google. Moreover, Google Photo enhancements are coming soon for all users.

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