The instant messaging application of the tech giant Google, Allo to compete with the popular instant messaging application WhatsApp, finally has the web version now. This new desktop variant of the Google Allo application allows users to chat directly from the PC or any other device equipped with navigation software.

Finally, Google Allo Now Available For Desktop: Here’s How To Use It

The tech giant Google’s instant messaging application Allo, the Mountain View company’s app to compete with WhatsApp, finally has the web version now. This is one of the main shortcomings that until now had the platform, since it is one of the functions most demanded by users, but has been remedied and you can use Allo in the browser.

The most important instant messaging applications on the market have a version for the browser, which allows users to chat from the PC or any other device equipped with navigation software, such as a console.

The well-known instant messaging application Telegram was one of the first platforms to be implemented in October 2014, and WhatsApp did the same in January 2015. The web version of Google Allo is now released so that we can already address this lack of the list of drawbacks of the application.

Among the points to improve would be the privacy and encryption of chats, support for SMS and the absence of voice calls and video calls, which have to be carried out with the Duo app. However, the platform also has many advantages and interesting features, so it is highly recommended.

To access Google Allo Web click on this link and follow the on-screen prompts: open the app on your mobile, select Allo Web from the menu and scan the QR code shown. Once this is done, you will be able to chat with your contacts from the Google Chrome browser directly.

The new version of the Google messaging app, of course, Allo has some limitations regarding the mobile version, such as the inability to send GIFs, although in general terms its features are virtually the same.

At the moment only users with an Android mobile phone can use Allo’s web version. Owners of an iPhone will have to wait, although the tech giant Google says that they are working on it and soon they will launch the same for iPhone so that the user of iOS can also enjoy it.

So, what do you think about this new desktop variant of application? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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