Google recently announced entering the AI race with its AI-powered chatbot, Bard, and now finally, this Wednesday, the company started allowing users to sign up for its waitlist.

The search engine giant decided to launch its own AI-powered chatbot after seeing other AI programs’ success, such as ChatGPT and GPT-4-powered Bing Chat, so these AI chatbots are direct competitors to it.

And in this article, we are going to talk about the significant difference between both AI chatbots and which one is better in all terms, so let’s begin the discussion below.

Google Bard Vs. ChatGPT & Bing Chat: All Details

Google Bard Vs. ChatGPT & Bing Chat: All Details

Both AI chatbots have been developed in the same amount of time, but Google faced some issues in developing this AI chatbot and its language model, that’s why the launch gap between both is around five months.

Google is a popular company with its popular search engine authority, but still, San-Francisco based company OpenAI was able to gain millions of users in just a month for its AI-powered ChatGPT.

Differences In Technology


Google Bard currently hasn’t come out for public use, but the company revealed many details and patterns about it.

While this Bard AI runs on a simplified version of the company’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) language model, which they unveiled in 2021.

Like OpenAI, Google also trained its Bard to provide more accurate and human-like responses with its own set of processes. Currently, more details about its behind tech uncleared.

But the company claimed it to be providing more accurate and high-quality responses, which sound better than ChatGPT.

However, Google also lost around 100 billion dollars when it first revealed it publicly with a promotional video because it contained a major mistake in the result.

But it was better for Google to improve its chatbot even better for the future.


Now on the other side, there is ChatGPT, which is the most popular AI chatbot right now, and after seeing its popularity, even the windows giant Microsoft showed interest and invested a huge amount in their technology.

ChatGPT is powered by Open AI’s in-house technology GPT-3, which is trained by the company itself, but there is one limit to it as all trained data only includes data till December 2021.

Recently, the company has also launched ChatGPT Plus, which is powered by the next-generation GPT language model called GPT-4, but it is behind a paywall, so it has fewer users than normal ChatGPT.

However, GPT-3 technology is also capable of various advancements such as human-like responses, writing codes, and accurate results, and even it has passed various law & business exams.

Differences In Features

ChatGPT Plus Features

Even Google Bard faced criticism after showing the wrong results, but it is expected to have more features than ChatGPT.

For example, it will be capable of providing real-time updated data because Google holds really great authority of search web with an uncountable amount of updated data.

Currently, its features are unidentified as it is not available to try right now because of the waiting list, but like Bing Chat, it is also going to feature a sources area in the responses that will cite the source of the content.

And you are also allowed to Google it with just one click, as there will be a button for that, with all that, we can say that Bard is really ahead of ChatGPT in terms of its user-friendly interface.

But that doesn’t mean ChatGPT lags behind because it is good at some of its terms, such as writing articles, emails, and content ideas.

In conclusion, if you want to go with an interactive experience like Bing Chat, so Google Bard is better for you, and if you have any textual function that works so, ChatGPT is still better.


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