ChatGPT, a chatbot from OpenAI, was already gaining popularity over the internet, but it has now gained one more achievement as an Artificial Intelligence.

A challenging research was done on it, in which the professor had to give Law & Business school exams to ChatGPT to pass out, and this bot has successfully cleared exams at a US law school.

ChatGPT Passed Law & Business Exams at a US Law School

ChatGPT Passed Law & Business Exams at a US Law School

ChatGPT was launched in November 2022 and made huge hype among its users in just one month. As this chatbot shows results of asked queries based on data from the internet, so researcher wants to test how accurate it is.

A professor named Dr. Jonathan Choi from Minnesota University Law School gave an exam to ChatGPT with the title “ChatGPT goes to law school”.

And this test includes the same difficult set of questions that are faced by students, and precisely, there were 95 multiple-choice questions and 12 essay questions.

The chatbot wrote fluent essays on topics such as constitutional law to taxation as it has flawless grammar, but it fell behind in multiple-choice questions, maybe because of mathematics involvement.

Overall, the ChatGPT scored C+ on the test, which is enough to pass. The examiner has also noted that the results have been so good, and he didn’t expect that good from it.

While some officials in New York and other jurisdictions have already banned ChatGPT in schools, so students can’t use this Chatbot in schools, and this decision came because of the chances of cheating.

But it doesn’t mean that it can’t be used as a helpful tool for students; it can help students with practicing in mock exams.

Now let’s discuss some origin details of ChatGPT. As I already mentioned above, this ChatGPT bot is developed by OpenAI, which is an Artificial intelligence company that works on various AI techs and programs.

And recently, tech giant Microsoft has also funded this company to develop these types of AI programs.

OpenAI’s one more famous AI program already exists, which is an AI image generator and it called DALL-E, and its upgraded version is to come very soon as DALL-E 2.


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