A few hours ago, Google updated the Chrome browser for iOS. In this latest update, Google added a couple of new features for the iPhone and iPad, but perhaps most curious of all is the QR scanner to quickly find a code. On the other hand, on the iPad, we can quickly change between tabs with the new format introduced.

Google Chrome Gets Its Own QR Code & Barcode Scanner

Currently, iOS does not understand the format of QR using any app or by camera app. Therefore, we must make use of other apps to scan QR codes. One of the best-known is Scanbot, but if you use Chrome or you have installed it on your iPhone or iPad now will not need any extra app.

To access the QR scanner, you have to press hard on the Chrome icon to activate the 3D Touch and access the shortcut of the Qr scanner. If you do not have an iPhone with support for 3D Touch, you can search QR in Spotlight or the app itself to activate it. When activating the scanner, it will simply show a rectangle in which we have to focus the QR, and then it will automatically search it in Google.

Google recently announced that the source code for Chrome for iOS is now available for everyone as open source. Also, remember that last week, Google released Chrome 56 for Mac OS with various performance improvements and lower energy consumption.


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