Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are the most used web browsers. But, do you know which one is the best? Most of them use Google Chrome Browser as it is very easy to use and the user interface is so friendly. However, today we are going to see the comparison of the two browsers Chrome and Edge.

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome

Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge: Which One is Better?

The new Microsoft Edge browser is based on the Chromium open-source project. Chromium is the foundation of Chrome, so the new Edge browser slightly follows Google Chrome. However, it has similar features to Chrome, like supports Chrome browser extensions, has the same rendering engine as Chrome.

Both browsers have an interactive and user-friendly homepage. It allows you to customize the homepage as per your choice.

Performance of Chrome & Edge

Whenever we think about the best performing browser, Google Chrome comes first in our mind. Chrome was launched with the Chromium code, so it has all the functions from the past many years.

On the other hand, Microsoft Edge was released in 2015 and it couldn’t make it up to come in the top web browsers list. But from the time it is recorded with Chromium-based code, it is giving the best performance. Now, the Edge browser offers so many great features and functions and is also one of the top browsers in a few benchmarking tests.


Most of the modern browsers offer the same features like sync over your passwords, addresses, bookmarks, and more.

If we compare both the browsers than Edge has some features which are not available in Chrome. Microsoft browser has Edge Collections that allows you to group similar pages and can name them. Just click on Collection and access those groups.

Edge also has Editor, it is an in-built feature for writing assistants like Grammarly. With the help of an editor, you can keep your writing up to mark as it uses artificial intelligence.

In a browser, Sync is a very important feature as it helps in storing bookmarks, passwords, history, and more. If Sync is working constantly, then our data is updated regularly.

Security and privacy

If we talk about privacy settings, then Microsoft Edge has more security and privacy settings as compared to Chrome. Like, on Edge you can block trackers from sites that you have visited or not. It also reduces the odds of your personal information which is shared on sites. It protects against websites that contain malware as it uses Microsoft Defender SmartScreen.

On the other side, Chrome does not block all the cookies, it is limited. For safe browsing, Chrome has made efforts like it identifies dangerous extensions, downloads, and websites.

Extension Support

When the browser has good extension support for some apps then it is considered a proper browser. On the Extension support, Edge has improved a lot and now any extension on Chrome will work on Edge.

On the Chrome browser, there are many options available to choose and can add any app to the extensions. All the apps are well merged to the browser and work very well with each other.

Both browsers have the same apps for extension support, the only difference is for searching the extension libraries. All the extension apps are from the Chrome Web store only which are then installed on the Edge.

Multi-Platform Support

Both the browsers are almost supported on all platforms. Microsoft Edge is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Chrome is also supported on multiple platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

However, both the web browsers are designed by the same Chromium code and some of the other codes are then added to the browsers. Overall, we can say Edge and Chrome both are almost similar, there are only a few changes in functionality.

Overall, we can just say that it will be good if you try out both the browsers and then decide which one is good. As it depends on the user’s choice, so do share your thoughts on Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge?


  1. I really love Chrome! I do not have much experience with Edge. Just enough to get pissed off actually. I did not download it when it was offered the first time because I was happy with what I have, but it seems like every time I download anything Edge comes as a ” gift. ” I have unintentionally downloaded it three times with other things and had to remove it. I had every intention to try it out, but when things are shoved down my throat that is the end of that. I might change my mind at some point, but it will not be any time soon. IF I do decide to use it at some point, it will be my choice. Not because Bill Gates told me I had to so he can get even more rich then he already is.


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