Google Is Developing Their Own Keyboard Application For iOS

The American multinational technology company Google might be developing a third-party keyboard for Apple iOS. According to the foreign site TheVerge, services are dedicated to Apple devices; The report also states that the “keyboard has been developed for months” is “visually different” from the keyboard version currently available for Android devices.

With this keyboard, Google intends to install its search engine place at a crucial interface of the iPhone so that users can fulfill their questions without going to a different app.

Google Is Developing Their Own Keyboard Application For iOS

The typing system would be similar to what was already known by the Android OS users because Google keyboard typing includes gestures so that the users can slide their finger from one letter to another. Google will guess the word you want and access the traditional web search; just tap on the Google logo.

The keyboard also seems to have separate buttons for both photos and GIF searches, and both will probably be powered by Google Image search. So, iOS users will soon have another option for the specific keyboard. But still, it is unclear when Google plans to release it.

Third parties developed keyboards have been supported on Apple devices since iOS 8.1. Companies like Swype, Swiftkey, and Fleksy are the few suppliers of alternatives to Apple’s stock keyboard. With this keyboard, Google could control the user interface for users to search, thus increasing the number of searches from iOS devices.

The company almost has a monopoly over the global search market; there is evidence that mobile search is proving much less profitable for Google than on the desktop. Now, the company that dominates the market of searches seems to be watching, still implementing their services from competing for a platform to Android.

A high percentage of searches on the desktop is done by the keywords like “Facebook” or “Gmail”, but this is unnecessary on mobile devices.

However, Google employees have been using the keyboard on their devices for months, and it is designed to increase the number of searches made through mobile devices because, despite the clear dominance of the company in this segment, searches from these devices are much less profitable for the company as we mentioned earlier.


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