We all know very well that how big company is the tech giant Google and its diversity is. But, now according to the latest reports, recently a tech giant Google engineer stated that he was simply fired for fighting racism, discrimination.

Google Fired Its Engineer For Fighting Against Discrimination, Racism

The macho manifesto of former Google employee James Damore continues to ripple. After he leaked the document that claimed there were fewer women in the company because they are biologically less able to work in engineering, it was a matter of controversy and the dismissal of Damore. The former Google engineer responded months later with a lawsuit against the Internet giant in which he accused Google of discriminating against Caucasian race with heterodox opinions.

The lawsuit was dismissed although the problems for Google have not ended there. A former worker has said he was fired for criticizing the macho manifesto of James Damore and for publishing anti-discrimination and diversity messages.

To put an end to Google’s alleged practices, engineer Tim Chevalier has sued the company for not allowing discrimination and harassment to be talked about. “It is a cruel irony that Google has tried to justify my dismissal alleging that my publications on social networks showed bias against my harassers,” Chevalier said in a statement, and recalled:

“Anti-discrimination laws are designed to protect marginalized and underrepresented groups, not those who attack them.”

The plaintiff has identified himself as gay, transgender and disabled and claims that he was fired from his job for showing his opinions in internal forums, which allegedly argue for diversity. For the engineer, however, these discussion pages are nothing more than a Google strategy to learn more about employees’ opinions and fight against them.

On the other hand, these platforms were used by some people to discriminate against the LGBT community, about which they wrote that they were “immoral”, in addition to publishing phrases like “If we have less black and Latino people here, does not that mean that they are so good? ” Tim Chevalier condemned these comments and, apparently, this could be the reason for his dismissal and the lawsuit filed last Wednesday, February 21 against Google.

According to the engineer, the “appropriate” comments for the internet giant are those that respond to the standard of a heterosexual, white, male and upper-middle-class person. “In reality, Google’s promise to allow its employees to speak their minds freely is only for people who represent the majority’s point of view and use the rhetoric of the majority,” he said.

For its part, Google spokeswoman Gina Scigliano contributed to The Guardian that a part of the culture of the company is living debate but, “as in any workplace, that does not mean that everything is worth.”

“The overwhelming majority of our employees communicate in a manner consistent with our policies. But when an employee does not do it, it’s something we should take seriously. We always make our decision without taking into account the political opinions of the employees”.

The allegations appear to be a fish that bites its tail. First, James Damore accused Google of discriminating against what he described as the Caucasian race with heterodox opinions. Now, a former employee says that the company has done just the opposite: support the most closed opinions and condemn the points of view that promote diversity.

Google seems to have a problem at this time for not having made it sufficiently clear what is allowed and what is not in their forums. Several opinions and points of view could be the target of consequences such as the dismissal of the company, or that is the feeling that some former workers have had so far.

Likewise, the company must also face several allegations for not promoting diversity after another former employee accused the executives of having abusive and censorship-oriented behaviour.

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