Recently, the tech giant Google hired a veteran chip designer from Apple, as the tech giant Google simply suggesting that it’s getting serious about building its own processors.

Google Hires Apple Employee In Move To Build Its Own Processors

We should not be far from seeing Google have its own processors inside mobile devices just as the tech giant Apple does. This is because, after several years of rumors, it has been made public that the company will always move forward with a design department of its own processors.

For this, the company bets nothing less than one of the main designers of Apple.

Manu Gulati leaves Apple for Google

After years of rumors, it has now become public that the tech giant Google has set up its processor division.

According to the information, the company hired one of Apple’s top processor designers. Engineer Manu Gulati will work in Mountain View to design the company’s processors as head of the division.

Manu Gulati is a veteran in the creation of processors and integrated systems (SoC). This engineer has played a significant role in Apple’s SoC development over the last eight years. Now, in recent weeks, Gulati is already working together with other Google engineers to provide inputs for the production of its own processors.

The tech giant Google wants to launch its devices with processors not to rely on third parties, such as Qualcomm and Mediatek, and thus have greater control over development and optimization. In addition, the company intends to also have control over the hardware and software just as the tech giant Apple does with its iPhone and iPad.

This means that Google devices may in the near future perform better, be more optimized and offer support for more years, maybe more than two years (currently guaranteed for only two years).

According to the information leaked on the web, the tech giant Google spent two years trying to market its own processors trying to partner with Qualcomm, MediaTek, NVIDIA, and Samsung. Apparently, the idea of the company is to control the evolution of processors as it already does with the Android operating system.

However, still we will have to wait for at least one year to see the first processors of Google in the market on their devices, this is because the information that arrived on the web indicate that the future Pixel devices will be equipped with Snapdragon 835, as Manu Gulati will not have enough time to design processors for these devices.

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