As Today is “Safe Internet Day” and Google is once again offering 2 GB of free permanent storage to Google Drive users. In order to get this free service, a user is required to complete a brief Internet Security Checkup on their Google Account. After completing the security checkup, you will receive 2 GB of free permanent storage to your Google Drive.

This security is checkup is very brief and you have to just spent few minutes for this free storage. You will have to review your account recovery options, connected devices and services with permission of your Google Account and also 2 Step verification Settings.  However, you may not see free 2 GB storage in your account instantly, but it will be there after few moments.

Google Is Giving Away 2 GB Of Free Drive Space to every user

In November 2015, Google gave free 1 TB of Drive Storage to the users who contributed to Google Maps and making navigation services better.

Different tech companies offer various plans to attract users for using their cloud storage. Previously Amazon also started offering unlimited images backup at just $1 and $5 for unlimited for file storage for 1 year respectively.

How to Get free 2 GB Google Drive Storage for free ?

If you wish to get free Google drive storage for free, just look at some simple steps mentioned below :

Security Checkup
Security Checkup
  1. Visit your own Google Security Page.
  2. Verify your mobile number or alternate email, neglect it if you already verified
  3. Review your connected devices.
  4. Review Account Permissions that you have given to various applications
  5. Then Click on done, you will receive 2 GB of Cloud Storage for free.

In just few simple steps, you will receive free 2 GB Google Drive Storage. It is really useful for storing photos or other files. I also got free 2 GB Storage instantly after I completed security checkup. You might also receive this free storage immediately after completing the security checkup. We hope that you loved this article, feel free to share this with your friends.


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