Many of you think that you had already seen all the services that the tech giant Google could offer. But, what if I say that you are wrong? Yes, the tech giant Google recently launched an awesome application for Job seekers.

Google Just Launched An Awesome App For Job Seekers

If you thought that you had already seen all the services that Google could offer then I must say that you are wrong. The Mountain View company is an expert in diversifying its lines of business, and will now give us more of that talent thanks to a new platform called Google Hire.

According to the reliable sources, the launch of the platform is not yet official, and it might be that, for now, this platform thought as a meeting point for professionals is just one test among many. But we are going to analyze the possibilities that the service would have.

At the moment, the information that has transcended around this platform Google Hire are quite diffuse. However, most of the sources do seem to coincide with the same point: the main objective of the platform would be contractors and scouts.

This means that the platform would not seek to be a portal that collects job offers or job opportunities, but rather a meeting place for professionals in which those in charge of hiring in companies can find their most desired profiles.

This idea also aligns with the supposed goal that Google would have to face LinkedIn. Recall that the company was acquired by Microsoft, and now Mountain View may want to have their own weapon to deal with and take advantage of the same idea.

Beyond these first notions is also rumored that Google would apply to that platform technologies of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. It is assumed that the application of such technology would serve to connect the best professionals with the best jobs for their abilities, an advanced way to simplify the process of candidate selection.

It is interesting to stop to think about the possible improvements that would offer this platform Google Hire, although for the moment it is necessary to remember that we are not before an official announcement. Perhaps it is only the first steps of Google to join the industry, but of course, it is important to know that the company has these intentions in this regard.

So, what do you think about this new platform? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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