It seems that the tech giant Google has made a strong bet on artificial intelligence and personal assistants to make users’ every day easier. As recently, the tech giant Google launched a new supersized version of the smart home speaker, which is known as Google Home Max.

Google Just Launched Google Home Max, A Bigger Version Of Smart Home Speaker

Google has made a strong bet on artificial intelligence and personal assistants to make users’ every day more easier. Once it has submitted the Google Home Mini, a larger version, Google Home Max, also appears. This large column will be your new personal assistant.

The tech giant Google has put a special emphasis on artificial intelligence in order to facilitate interaction between the user and the device. At the same time, it seeks to integrate it with everyday objects, in a discreet way.

Last year the tech giant Google had already filed its first foray into personal assistants with the Google Home presentation. Now to reinforce its bet on this type of devices, after knowing the Google Home Mini, the tech giant Google presented the Google Home Max.

This new large personal assistant works vertically and horizontally. It is difficult to distinguish it from a large column and a virtual assistant.

Focused on the sound and quality of the music it conveys, this new column has in its heart all the Google technology and its artificial intelligence, to help you manage your day and your activities while allowing access to all your music and services on the Internet.

Google Home Max opens the door to integration with other devices, having an audio port (3.5mm jack), just connect a cable and have the behavior of a normal column, but maintaining all its intelligence.

Comprised of two 4.5-inch woofers, 2 tweeters, and other components, this new Max is able to play 20 times higher than normal Google Home.

Google Home Max
Google Home Max

Google Home Max has Smart Sound technology that adapts to the environment and space where it is installed, adjusting if it is moved.

Moreover, this new Google Home Max will arrive in December and will cost $399, offering one year of use of ad-free YouTube Music.

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