Today we have a good news for almost every Android user, yes, sounds interesting right. As the apps that ask access to sensitive user data but don’t have a valid privacy policy will be soon removed from the Play Store by Google.

Google To Kick Out Millions Of Applications From Play Store

The technological world today tells that Google would have contacted the developers who collaborate with the Play Store, Android App Store, to prevent them from preparing a great cleaning. Millions Of applications that currently have a space in the aforementioned online store would be close to being withdrawn. So, this move will simply affect millions of apps.

The reason for this drastic move is that the Mountain View company Google wants to get rid of those applications that have important gaps regarding the confidentiality policy that their service demands. In other words, from the signature, they want to cover their backs facing the future.

Although at first this reaction by Google may sound too strong, the truth is that the search giant pretends to work as a measure of pressure. Google does not want to offer its users applications that do not care about data protection completely and hopes that its ad will help developers to update their apps.

However, it seems that the Mountain View company Google will soon take action with the apps that do not meet the requirements, and the measures to be taken will go from loss of greater or lesser visibility among users to the possibility of being banned from the Play Store.

As for the measures required by the tech giant Google for the apps present in the store, we can find requirements such as being transparent about the storage and preservation of personal data, use of https protocol, or the use of current encryption codes.

The requirements of the platform will be directed to require each app regarding the use of resources to do. That is, if we are going to use application that requires access to the camera and microphone of our device, that app must have a valid notice and confidentiality policy.

The deadline that developers have to catch up is until March 15. From that date, the tech giant Google will begin to apply the measures described above. From that moment, all the users will succeed because we will have the security of using applications that respect our rights and our privacy.


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