The search giant Google recently announced “Fiber Phone”, which is a new way to stay connected through the internet-based cloud service internet-based, like having Google Voice in your home.

With Fiber Phone, you can make unlimited calls anywhere, including international calls, at just $ 10 per month. This new service from Google brings together high-tech features to fixed telephony.

Google Launched Fiber Phone

From the Fiber Phone, you can also make it easier and simpler to access all your voicemails, as the service will transcribe your voice messages for you and then send them as a text or email.

The search giant Google also claims that if you join this service, “Fiber Phone”, you can have the option to keep your old fixed number, or you can choose a new one. You will also have the usual features like call waiting, caller ID, emergency services, and even transcription of voicemails to text, as we mentioned earlier.

John Shriver-Blake, product manager at Google, said on the Google blog, “Although mobile phones are leading us to the future, the telephone service is still important for many families,”. John Shriver-Blake, also added that “The Landlines can be familiar, reliable and provide high-quality service, but the technology hasn’t always kept up.

That’s why today, we’re introducing Fiber Phone as a new option to help you stay connected wherever you are.

Hence, Your Fiber Phone number lives in the cloud, meaning you can use it on almost any phone, tablet, or laptop. It can ring your landline when you’re home or your mobile device when you’re on-the-go.”

So, for now, the search giant Google decided that the Fiber Phone will be available in a few parts of the US market; later, Google will expand its service to other cities where they offer high-speed internet.


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