As we all know that Android is one of the most interesting operating system, as it can be always exploited in a big and innovative ways, so thanks to the Android user community. Hence, the tech giant Google is aware of that and has created a platform where we can easily find a series of tips and tricks for Android.

Google Launches A New Website With Tips And Tricks For Android

The Google team does not want us to forget the potential of Android, hence the tech giant Google created a new website with a series of tips and tricks for Android. As we all know that still there are many new Android users who are actually new to Android.

Might it be a long time using Android as a casual user and now want to delve a little on the platform? Here, the tech giant Google decided to help you as they launched a new website that provides valuable tips and tricks for Android.

The site’s main goal is to target new users or audience who are unaware of the system resources, but certainly, it brings smart tips for those who already use Android for some time, but not yet unpacked all that the system offers. As the new updates always bring new features and tools, a website with smart tips and tricks can be a real hand on the wheel.

Basically the tips and tricks were separated into the following categories, “Featured” especially provide all round tips, “Privacy and Security” provide the safety and privacy tips, “Voice” provide all the tricks to use voice commands like a master, “Camera and Photo” bringing together the camera tips, “Battery” teaches ways to better ways to conserve battery, “Customisation” provide customization tricks for the system, “More Apps” provide tips fo the native system applications and the least one is “Settings” where all the tips and tricks are provided related to the settings of your Android OS.

As we said earlier that this site is intended for the new users who begin to know its Android operating system. As it is an ideal site to recommend to those family members who have thousands of questions regarding the Android and its use, as they will have some basic tips that will be useful.

Moreover, to view the information or tips and tricks you just have to click on the “Learn More” button and a pop-up window will open. The instructions are actually a complete set of few simple and basic steps, so basically, you do not need to read more than a few lines to implement the tips and tricks on your device.

Here is the site link where you can browse all the essential tips and tricks for your Android device.

Tushar Subhra Dutta
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