The tech giant Google and the American clothing company Levi’s has just introduced a new smart jacket which will let you control your smartphone by touching its sleeve. Hence, now finally, the tech giant Google and the American clothing company Levi’s has just launched this smart jacket.

Google, Levi’s Launch Smart Jacket That Lets You Answer Calls, Play Music, Use Maps

Today, technology makes big things happen and those great things have a lot to do with us because they make life much easier. However, we are now seeing a new trend that for many users go unnoticed, and yes, we are talking about smart clothes.

Two years ago we met a Project Jacquard, an ATAP technology developed by the tech giant Google. It allows to turn garments into completely intelligent garments, thanks to the use of a special material with tactile sensors named after it: Jacquard Threads.

The tech giant Google last year presented with Levis their smart jacket designed solely for cyclists. A project that gave much to talk about in that world. Now, we have today the final version of that jacket, which will hit the market at a price of about $350 that will be available in certain sports stores, among others.

The name of this jacket is Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket, and it is an intelligent garment, but it can be washed and used like any other jacket on the market. However, we must take into account, since we must remove a flexible pressure label that has the circuit that enables the wireless connection with smartphones.

In addition, it has the options of alert of the arrival of calls and messages of tactile form and mainly, with light. Likewise, users will be able to use these possibilities through gestures.

Among other things, you can play or pause music, get directions or read incoming text messages based on the information provided by the tech giant Google.

We must also indicate that these gestures are fully configurable through the application available for both the popular platforms iOS and Android. Thus the users will have the power to configure the jacket to their liking. To finish, for now, will be a test that will go to the market and see how positive is the reaction on the part of users.

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