We all know that Google Maps is one of the services most used by the search giant and one of the users’ favorites. But, soon the tech giant Google will make money from its popular Google Maps service.

Google Maps Will Now Show Advertisements

Google Maps is one of the services most used by the search giant and one of the users’ favorites. Despite being unique, Google does not charge any value for its use, ultimately losing money.

This situation may soon change, as the company has raised the possibility of advertising in its map service in the future.

There is no official decision yet, but statements by Google CEO Sundar Pichai show that Google Maps may soon see another radical change.

The tech giant Google has strengthened this service with several new features and improvements, preparing it to give users the best and most useful features. This brings new users and Google wants to take advantage of its good time to make it profitable.

During the last presentation of the company’s results, and responding to questions from a Wall Street analyst, Sundar Pichai revealed that new changes will come, making use of the much contextual and geographical information that Google Maps already gives users.

According to Sundar Pichai, the tech giant Google has a long-term plan for Google Maps, which for no longer go through the advertising presentation, but also said that this decision can change quickly, making this service and its application as one of the pillars of the company.

All the information now presented can quickly be converted into a source of income, giving companies the opportunity to emerge with greater visibility if they pay, as it is already the case in the survey.

Google’s decision to improve its platform seems logical, but it will have to be profitable or, as it has happened several times in the past, these products will no longer be of interest to the company.

So, what do you think about this change? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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