The new upcoming version of the Android operating system Android N navigation buttons would bring a new design and the Start button may integrate a new animation that can be activated by holding it down to open Google Now on Tap.

Google May Be Redesigning Android N Navigation Buttons

When Google said that it would focus on the design, then they seem to say it seriously. The new version of Android “Android N” (Android 7.0) will bring a lot of news, but it could also surprise with new Android navigation buttons. The new bar design that will keep the concept of the triangle, circle, and rectangle, but with some small changes.

Android N navigation buttons
Android N navigation buttons

As the three buttons are now nontransparent inside, but make up the white color. In addition, the Start button (circle in the center) now has extensions at the edges with the colors of Google. According to the blog Android Police, the home button also includes a new animation that makes its colors expand through the navigation bar of the Android N when holding down the button.

However, the report does not reveal any more details and is not expected that this new design change in some aspect function offered. As it is expected that the first phones that integrate this new Android navigation bar (or navigation buttons) are the new Nexus devices and are expected to be presented this year.

Here we found few leaked specifications of the New Nexus Devices 2016, and here they are, it would have a 5 – inch display, 4GB of RAM and a quad – core processor of 2.0GHz, in addition to running Android N.

Rumors have indicated that in 2016, HTC would build two smartphones of the Nexus series and it is also expected that Google will announce its new virtual reality devices (glasses and controls) as part of its new VR platform called Daydream.

Over the years, we found very attractive to see that how Android updates bring changes in different parts of the design that really make you feel like a new version of Android. But, do you like the new design of the Android N (Android 7.0) that could have the new navigation buttons? So, let us know your opinion in the comments section below.


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