Google has brought a new feature that makes it easier to search for things that can’t be described in just a few words.

The search engine has rolled out a new “Multi-search” option, which allows you to combine the images and text to search anything. With this feature, you can search for a similar product in the photo, and also, you can type text.

At present, the feature is available in beta in English in the US. The multi-search feature was previewed in September and is now available within Google Lens as a part of Google’s mobile app.

Search On Google By Combining Images & Texts

Google Introduces Multisearch Option, Lets You Search Photos With Text (1)

The president of Google Search, Liz Reid, says, Multi-search option will be considered as experimental. It will be used for shopping-related searchers first. However, it is not limited to such things.

Google said, “With multi-search, you can ask a question about an object in front of you or refine your search by color, brand, or a visual attribute. Liz Reid added This will just be the start.”

Google’s aim is to make search more flexible and less bound to words on a screen. Already, there is an option for an image search engine.

Also, there is a Google Lens that can identify objects in a picture or can translate the text as it’s viewed from the phone’s camera lens. In 2020, the update allowed users to search for specific songs.

According to Google, multi-search will help users to look for visual needs, like the style and home decor.

How to Use Multi-Search Option on Google?

  1. To get started, just open the Google app on an Android or iOS device.
  2. Then click on the Lens camera icon. Either you can search with screenshots you have or can take a new picture of whatever you want.
  3. After that, you can add text; for that, swipe up and click on the “+ Add to your search” option.

This feature uses artificial intelligence in different ways. The computer vision figures out what’s in the image, and the natural language processing show the meaning of the words you type. All the results are gathered to train the overall system.


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