Google News Got Redesign for Desktop Site

Google has introduced a new design for its Google News desktop site. This unique design aims to provide more command to explore global news and find the latest content regarding your interests.

Recently, Google also introduced a new feature to Google Maps that will show estimates of toll charges you will face on your planned journey.

Google News Redesign Allows More Customization

Google News Redesign Allows More CustomizationGoogle News with the new design is now widely available in all supported regions on its 20th anniversary. This design update comes up with new customization, and you will see more coverage while scrolling down.

It includes a new ability to add filters in searching to get news in a narrow way to achieve the required results. Also, now it will show you one more coverage of the news in the news scrolling section.

Mainly, the design change hits its sidebar where we all the exploring options available. All options are now placed at the website’s header, the main button such as categories, home, for you, and following.

Don’t expect changes to the mobile version of the site. Still, some rumors say that the company is also working on a redesign for the mobile version, and earlier, it also introduces some changes due to its new story section.

And you can now get more customized topics more specifically, such as you can add, remove, shuffle, and reorder the topics on your Google News homepage.

Google News Comeback in Spain

Google News is now available in Spain after eight years of shut down. In 2014, Google News closed for some reasons, but Spanish publishers’ websites faced a huge downfall.

Due to changes in EU rules, it can come back to the area, and now Spanish publishers can benefit from it.

You can explore the website’s new design, but remember to open it on the desktop or desktop version.


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