The tech giant Google recently added an extraordinary feature to its Google application for Android. This new feature will allow you to search without the internet.

Google Now Allows You To Search Without Internet

The dependence of the Internet on smartphones is nowadays very high, and without this connection, we do little. Of course, we do not always have the conditions to access the network in the desired way, and sometimes the connections are not possible.

The tech giant Google is aware of this problem and has therefore added a little novelty to the research that makes available on Android, which can be done offline. This feature may seem insignificant to most, but the tech giant Google has decided to give your search the ability to be used even when users do not have a network.

Of course, the results are not presented in offline mode, but at least the searches are saved and presented later when access to the network comes back, it means that now we don’t have to repeat all the searches that we want to do.

Everything takes place transparently to the user, this being alerted by a simple notification that the results are available, to do so simply you have to click on the notification to access the results.

What Google has shown, there are no limits to research that can be done, which are stored in a queue to be made so that access to the Internet is established again. In addition, these searches are also available in a separate tab and can be consulted at any time.

Google has also revealed that this new search will have no impact on battery and internet consumption. For now, this new feature will only be available for Android, as Google does not provide any information about its availability in iOS or other systems.

This is not yet the perfect solution for users who need to search information when they do not have the Internet, but it is the first step, so that their searches are not lost, and they could even search for anything that they want without any active connection.


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