Google Is Shutting Down Its AR Platform, Tango!
Google Is Shutting Down Its AR Platform, Tango!

We all know very well that the tech giant Google has a habit of trying to meet the application needs of its Android ecosystem. But, according to the latest reports the tech giant Google recently, announced that it is officially shutting down its high-end smartphone AR platform.

Google Is Shutting Down Its AR Platform, Tango!

Specifically, we refer to the so-called Project Tango, one of the most ambitious projects of the search giant, of course, I am talking about the tech giant Google and which made direct reference to the use of augmented reality and with which the tech giant Google aimed to reinvent the use of cameras built into the smartphones intelligently.

Well, from what has been known throughout these last hours, the tech giant Google has decided to close the Project Tango in the next month of March 2019. For those who do not know, this is a project that allows developers to create spectacular applications based on the cameras of Android devices.

The biggest drawback of all this is that the manufacturers needed to integrate specialized and more expensive cameras into their devices, which has greatly hampered the growth of the project.

In this way, a similar work will continue with ARCore, the same type technology like Project Tango of the tech giant Google that achieves very similar results, but that works in a much wider range of current smartphone cameras. Keep in mind that what is intended with these jobs is that the camera that we usually use in our smartphones, is able to detect depth and movement when using them.

Tango disappears, but we receive ARCore for augmented reality

This opens an extensive field when creating new related apps and that make the most of this technology. However, as we have said, for the success of Tango, a compatible high-tech camera is needed since a normal camera would not work.

In this way, we would have measurement applications through this, something like a tape measure to be able to measure the depth of objects, or we could draw a line in a corridor that serves as a guide in our movements in real life, in short accounts, augmented reality.

Although this year 2017 Asus launched the device ZenFone AR, which had a camera compatible with Tango, the success has not been as expected at first, not even managed to attract the attention of many developers.

Therefore, from now on we will start talking about Google ARCore, a new technology for Android that does almost the same, allowing developers to build applications that project digital images in the real world.

The advantage of these is that ARcore does not need a special camera to work, in fact, it is already compatible with high-end Android phones like Google’s Pixel 2 or the Samsung Galaxy S8.

What’s more, ARCore is a fast and efficient SDK that makes it possible to use high-quality augmented reality on millions of mobile devices, which is why Tango will go on to a better life. For its part, the tech giant Google’s top competitor, Apple, is also working in this same environment on its latest iPhones with its technology for ARkit developers.

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