Deepmind Lab which renders a 3D game-like environment in which the simulated agent has to do various tasks which enhance its cognitive abilities has open sourced their AI agent training platform.

Google Open Sources Its AI Training Platform DeepMind Lab

The artificial intelligence project run by Google, DeepMind is finally open-sourcing its DeepMind Lab platform. Alphabet’s subsidiary had recently created a lip-reading AI that managed to defeat a pro-human has now open sourced its latest project known as DeepMind Lab, in a blog post.

DeepMind Lab is a platform with 3D game-like graphics observed by a simulated agent as the first person, which can be used to train agents for various tasks. These include navigating procedurally generated environments, remembering paths through mazes, avoiding hazards, collecting rewards etc.

The main purpose of this project is to focus on agent’s planning, strategy, navigation memory, first person vision etc. There are built-in tools for level creation and the rewards, gameplay logic, items can be customized

The assets, along with the code, map and level scripts will be hosted on GiHub. Google hopes that researchers will contribute towards shaping the platform. The blog post says:

“It is possible that a large fraction of animal and human intelligence is a direct consequence of the richness of our environment, and unlikely to arise without it. Consider the alternative: if you or I had grown up in a world that looked like Space Invaders or Pac-Man, it doesn’t seem likely we would have achieved much general intelligence!”

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