You can try Android’s best new feature right now, as the tech giant Google has finally started to roll out the long-awaited Instant Apps feature which simply allows the users to test the apps without installing them and not only that even it made it open to all developers.

Google Opens Up Android Instant Apps To All Developers

The tech giant Google wants to make life easier for Android users by creating Instant Apps, applications that do not require installation.

After several months of testing, not only to Google but also to some programmers, Instant Apps is now reaching everyone who develops apps for Android.

It was in the I / O conference last year that the tech giant Google has made known the Instant Apps. These are applications that require the user to install them and, therefore, are lighter for Android.

If so far they were limited to testing and a small set of developers, the tech giant Google now decided to make them public and give everyone the ability to create their applications in this new format.

“Today, we’re opening Android Instant Apps to all developers, so anyone can build and publish an instant app. There are also more than 50 new experiences available to users to try from a variety of developers, such as HotPads, Jet, the New York Times, Vimeo, and One Football. While these experiences have only been live for a short amount of time, the early dates show positive results. For example, Jet and HotPads are seeing double-digit increases in purchases and leads generated”.

The initial tests showed the usefulness of this type of applications and the future they will have in Android, mainly due to its mode of operation and use.

In order to take advantage of Instant Apps, developers need to use the newly released version 3.0 of Android Studio, albeit in a trial version.

The number of new applications should now start growing, extending the usefulness of Instant Apps and what users can do with them. Android shows you that it is improving and giving users a lot more innovation they can use.


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