The tech giant Google’s new state-of-the-art operating system, of course, I am talking about the all-new Fuchsia OS, on which the tech giant Google has been working for a while, is getting support for Apple’s programming language Swift and not only that even the tech giant Google also planning to launch it.

Google Plans To Launch Fuchsia OS

Last week, it almost came to a scandal when Google was accused of wanting to develop a “fork” of Apple’s Swift. The incident quickly dissolved into complacency as Swift creator Chris Lattner, who now works for Google, volunteered on Twitter.

According to him, the tech giant Google has created its own working version of the code. For the sake of transparency, it was published on Github. The changes to the code will eventually flow into the official Swift repository.

One of the first changes has already made it into the official Swift channel: Swift support for Google’s Fuchsia. Google developer Zac Bowling, who helped to port Objective-C to Android a few years back, confirmed this development in response to Lattner’s tweet:-

Swift could make the app ecosystem for Fuchsia grow faster

With the use of Swift, according to Android Police, Fuchsia could become an interesting platform for developers. However, many question marks still hover over Google’s Fuchsia. Because the company has not made any move to explain what role it should take. In addition to Swift, Fuchsia supports the dictionaries Dart, C++ and Go.

It suggests that Google’s Fuchsia could be positioned as the successor to Android and possibly Chrome OS. In May numerous details and first screenshots of the new OS have been released. Interface and apps were realized with Google’s Flutter SDK.

It’s a cross-platform solution that can be used to develop apps for Android and iOS support. A Linux kernel is no longer found in Fuchsia, instead of Google relies on a “zircon” kernel, in May it was still called magenta.

Swift is a programming language developed under Apple that can be used to develop apps for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. Apple calls Swift “Objective-C or without ‘C'”. On Apple’s own platforms Swift can be used with existing C/Objective-C/C++ code. Similar works on Android for example with Kotlin and Java.

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