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Google Play Games No Longer Needs Google Plus Account Now

InShortViral: Google plans to let users to play games without the need of Google+ account and in the meantime you no longer have to sign in frequently, that you earlier did while installing the games.

Google Play Games No Longer Needs Google Plus Account Now

Google has decided to let users to play Games without the requirement of Google Plus Account. You just need a basic Google Account to start playing games. You will not get frequent permissions requests. On revoking Google Plus’s access to play games, it also lets you to sign in once for every game and you wont have to sign in frequently for different games.

Users won’t be asked for Google Plus account to play games. Also, users don’t have to use Google Plus to use Play Games Services like achievements or in game recording. It no longer need sign in’s in different games that you wish to download and play later. Although, players can turn off auto sign in option via the Play Games app settings.

According to Developer Advocate, Wolff Dobson wrote on Google’s Android Developer Blog that “We are taking these step in order to lessen frequent sign in’s in every game and unwanted permission requests for players by moving the Games API’s to a new handset. He is working to such an extent that will secure user’s privacy. The company will also change “How Player ID’s Work”.

Also, for the existing players, Games will continue fetch their Google Plus Account which is also known as Player ID. For new players, Games will acquire a new player ID which is not similar to the existing ID’s that have been used.

It is obviously nice move by Google that it recently permitted the developers to create promo codes and is working towards to allow users to install apps through Google Search.

So this was all about Google Play Games No Longer Needs Google Plus Account Now, this will now allow users to install games without the fear of Google Plus Account and frequent Sign in’s that games earlier required. We hope that you enjoyed this article, feel free to share it with your friends.