The Mountain view company, of course, the tech giant Google clarifies that all the users who prefer the look and feel of GTalk can now configure the Hangouts so that the experience remains “similar” to the previous one. As the tech giant Google decided to replace the old Google Talk service with Hangouts.

Google Officially Replaces Google Talk With Hangouts

Google Talk is an instant messaging service that Mountain View company, of course, the tech giant Google introduced in 2005 and that later began to be replaced by the use of Hangouts in the year 2013. However, from today the most used chat service Google Talk will disappear and simply leaving Google Hangouts as the only alternative.

According to the tech giant Google, the replacement process actually began in the year 2013, although there are still many users who use the old messaging service GTalk. Not only that even the tech giant Google also “encourage” Android users to migrate from the old messaging app and now install Hangouts.

While the tech giant Google has several messaging applications like Google Allo, Duo, Android Messages and Voice, the one that has been chosen to replace Google Talk in Gmail and other services is Hangouts.

Among so many services it is now clear that the Mountain View company, of course, the tech giant Google has not yet set a clear strategy in this sector, but they are clear that they want to push Hangouts as much as possible, which in turn acts as a kind of unifier for the former.

Unlike the Google Talk, where the existence of open protocol code (XMPP) allowed third-party applications to be used for conversations via this network, Hangouts adopted a closed protocol forcing users to exclusively use solutions created by the tech giant Google, such as For example its application for mobile phones.

Currently, as you have probably noticed in recent years, Hangouts is fully integrated into the Gmail interface as a default communication system with our contacts. In addition, it is possible to search from the same interface of the email service between our chat conversations.

When the Mountain View company, of course, the tech giant Google announced the replacement of Google Talk for the benefit of Hangouts, there were numerous rumors about the existence of an application known as Babble or Babel, with which the tech giant Google would try to unify all the services mentioned above, to give a greater sensation of joining therebetween.

Finally, the application was announced, or at least one unification attempt between those services, under the name of Hangouts, which offers us free messaging services, video calls, and voice calls as well.

Moreover, the change is basically announced as part of a series of enhancements that include the presentation of two tools designed particularly for the business world: Hangouts Meet, a video conferencing system and Hangouts Chat that allows group communications.

So, what do you think about this sudden decision of the tech giant Google? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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