With each new version of the tech giant Apple’s mobile operating system, of course, iOS being released, one quickly tries to find a way to apply jailbreak. But, this time it seems that the tech giant Google has discovered a way to jailbreak the latest generation of iPhones running iOS 11.

Google To Reveal How To Jailbreak iOS 11

The jailbreak has lost followers year after year. What they were looking for some iOS users were functions that the tech giant Apple did not offer officially and that, however, have been included in recent years.

Another aspect is the customization – as in Android – and another is the installation of unauthorized apps. Be that as it may, the jailbreak is becoming less popular, and it is becoming more and more complicated. However, it will be the tech giant Google who unveils how to jailbreak iOS 11, in a specific way.

The Mountain View company, of course, I am talking about the tech giant Google has its Project Zero team dedicated to computer security. It is a team maintained by the tech giant Google that looks for software vulnerabilities not only in company products but also in those of other companies.

In fact, are those who have found a significant amount of security flaws in Windows 10, for example, and those who have indicated to the tech giant Apple that some iOS 11 problems that have already been resolved with the release of iOS 11.2. But these problems, and among them, the one that will allow jailbreaking, remain in iOS 11.1.2 and previous versions that users continue to use on their iPhones.

The tech giant Google will publish a ‘failure’ of iOS 11 that opens the door to jailbreak the iPhone

With iOS 11.2, the Cupertino firm, of course, the tech giant Apple has solved 15 security problems and 5 of them were indicated by this team of computer security experts from the tech giant Google.

But as we said, iOS 11.1.2 is still a valid version for compatible iPhones and iPads, and there is in this version – and in the previous ones – a vulnerability still there that can be exploited to jailbreak.

The tech giant Apple was already notified to solve, as usual, but is about to conclude the deadline offered to companies affected by security problems, and when the tech giant Google will make public the problem.

It is a singular case, because this period of time is offered to the companies affected by a software vulnerability to be able to solve it and that the users are not get affected. However, this problem about the security of the tech giant Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, is what opens the doors to jailbreaking.

Therefore, although it has been resolved with iOS 11.2, it is possible that users are interested in staying on iOS 11.1.2 and earlier versions of the operating system. However, it does not have to be valid – the exploit – for all the latest generation iPhones.

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