Recently, the tech giant Google’s Project Zero team publicly revealed a vulnerability affecting Microsoft’s well-known and safest operating system, of course, Windows S. Hence, the tech giant Microsoft is once again suffering embarrassment for not patching a severe vulnerability on time.

Google Reveals A FLAW In Windows 10 S That Microsoft Fails To Patch

Ensuring the security of operating systems is essential After discoveries should be addressed as soon as possible. The tech giant Microsoft has a flaw in its Windows 10 S and, once again, the tech giant Google has revealed it before it is resolved.

It is not the first time that the tech giant Google anticipates the tech giant Microsoft and reveals to the world the security flaws of the products of the house that created Windows. This is a situation that leaves users vulnerable as it can lead to exploitation.

Once again this situation happened and the tech giant Google, in its Project Zero, revealed a flaw before it was resolved. This time it is mid-level and the affected one is Windows 10 S.

The advertised failure, although not of high importance, can cause code to be executed without the user’s authorization and your data could be stolen.

When the tech giant Google discovered the problem, it alerted the tech giant Microsoft immediately. This happened on January 19th of this year. Having failed its fix at the release of the April Patch Security Update in April, Microsoft has asked to delay disclosure of the failure.

Being outside of the 90-day period that Google offers to resolve issues, this request has been declined, and the bug has now been revealed and exposed to the world.

This bug affects systems that have Device Guard active, making Windows 10 S the primary target, by having this option enabled by default. It should be noted that the failure can only be exploited with physical access to the machine and the machine must already be running the attacker’s code.

It is not yet known when the tech giant Microsoft will release this update, but this revelation should now accelerate its fix. The low penetration of Windows 10 S, which has even caused profound changes in the concept, further reduces the severity level of this failure.

The curious thing about this situation, apart from the fact that it was revealed before Microsoft solved it, and it is affecting a version of Windows that was identified as being the safest and well-known for protecting users and their data. This overthrows the invulnerability of this version.

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