After Cheese Burger, Google Seems To Have Got Another Emoji 'WRONG'
After Cheese Burger, Google Seems To Have Got Another Emoji 'WRONG'

We all know very well that the war between the tech giant Apple and Google products is not recent, but it is possibly one of the fiercest in the online world. As recently, a new war occurred that opposes the two American giants, the construction of the image of beer.

After Cheese Burger, Google Seems To Have Got Another Emoji ‘WRONG’

The emoji are all same and they mean the same thing as well(a sense defined by the Unicode Consortium, although not always with the expected success), but each company is licensed to create a design through which they seek to bring them closer to the aesthetics of an application or operating system.

In Apple, the emoji have a different look to those of the tech giant Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook Twitter or Whatsapp, among others. They all look alike, but in the designs, in the choice of the artists that create those drawings, notable differences appear, which sometimes surprise.

That happened to Thomas Baekdal, who noticed a key difference between the emoji of the hamburger present in iOS 11 (Apple) and Android (Google): the wrong location of the cheese (in the case of Android, below the hamburger) and the unusual decision to put the lettuce down everything (for Apple).

The tweet went around the world, to the point that raised the response of Sundar Pichai, the CEO of the tech giant Google, promising to correct the matter if they reached an agreement on the issue of lettuce (if it goes down everything, as Apple says, or if it must go next to the tomato).

In Samsung, for example, they drew the cheese between the lettuce and the tomato. And not a few who observe that it is not mandatory that the hamburger bring cheese, tomato, and lettuce, so all emoji are wrong (refer to a cheeseburger).

With the trail of fresh blood, on Twitter they began to analyze the rest of the emojis, using the Emojipedia site, which allows comparing how artists draw an emoji in each operating system or application. And they noticed, for example, the tech giant Google’s beer emoji has foam, but the glass is half empty, while some users criticized that the tech giant Apple’s beer is over foamed.

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